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Sunday, 20 May 2012

"You're getting it in my mouth"

Hey lovely people so how's your week been? Mines not been great, but I'll spare you the details, well most of them. Instead I'm going to cut to the chase and get stuck right into this weeks piece. You know when you want something so bad but you accept that you're not going to get it, then out of the blue it looks like it's going to happen. I don't know about you but with me I always get a niggling doubt in my head, you know, like what if its not as good as I'd thought it'd be, what if it's like taking a big mouthful of lemonade to quench your thirst only to then see a bug floating in it. I'm pleased to say this was not the case, because sometimes, getting who or what we want is more delicious than we anticipated and doesn't just exceed our expectations but completely obliterates them. I'm talking about finally hooking up with the kinkiest man I know, the guy that makes my blood rush, the same guy that has been mentioned in my last two posts and one before(I'm not saying which) Now I know I promised him no nick names, that would give him away...he likes to be hidden as I said in my prior post. But I thought I'd make one up specifically for this post-Golden delicious(because he's into giving golden showers and duh he's delicious) One night this week I was on a bit of a hormone induced downer and spent a bit of time examining my life closely and you know where I was at. Then I turned to my sex life and delved into a few old blog posts including the last one that Golden delicious appeared in, I then did the one thing that I should never do when my body has turned into the hormone circus...i messaged him about it. I asked in reference to my last post, whether that was how he really saw me, you know easy, he said no and then the conversation quickly progressed to him inviting me over(after I'd told him I'd had a play earlier and thought about him kissing my birth mark and then bending me over and taking his belt to my ass) So after scribbling down his address, booking a taxi whilst I quickly got dressed, all I could think about is"holy fuck this is actually going to happen" After months of dirty texts,flirting and dirty pics and talking about all the things we wanted to do to each other it was going to happen for real and as I sat in the taxi heading to his place, I was nervous as hell. As I said earlier he makes my blood rush and I was shaking a bit too in a good way though. So after I arrived, it was only after I followed him through to the lounge that I felt awkward and shy. So after a cigarette and rubbing his rock hard cock with my foot all the while hoping he couldn't feel my legs shaking, I thought 'fuck it' and swung my leg over so I was sitting astride him. Ummm finally with in touching distance, close enough to I did and it was well worth the wait, I felt my pussy twitch and my nips turn to bullets, he is an excellent kisser. Soon I was stripping down to nothing but my La Senza and he was busy relieving me of my bra, and kissing and licking my nipples. But the second he took each one between his thumb and forefingers and I asked him to squeeze harder adding please of course, I knew that the next few hours were going to be just like we'd spoken about, he squeezed and slapped and twisted my nips and pinned my hands behind my back at one point which was so hot and when I lent in to kiss him and held me back just a fraction away from his lips teasing me then saying "my house my rules" when I told him to kiss me already that line was said a hell of a lot throughout the evening. Including when he told me he was going to film me pffft...then he flipped me over, half over his lap and the couch.... The first slap is always the most divine one out of the lot. As P.Jones says in his book adventures of a London spank daddy, its not just about the pain, its about the humiliation . The shame of being a grown woman having her pants pulled down and being bent over someones knee to be punished like a bad girl, and the second Golden delicious laid the first slap down on my ass cheek, I knew I was going to be on the receiving end of someone who actually knew what they were was hot as fuck! My ass cheeks were glowing and by the end of it I was rubbing my ass cheeks furiously and swearing like a sailor. I remember him at some point making a quip about the hand print Handsome Statham had left on my ass....hand prints are not cool as it means a cold spank...i like bruised ass cheeks(they are still, yellow, purple black and blue). Shortly after receiving my first spanking he got naked...hooorah! Ummmm fantastic set of legs, and his cock fucking hell its a damn sight wider than the pics would've suggest. I've been fantasizing about sucking his cock for almost a year, whether its with my hands behind my back and on my knees or the way I sucked it that night, knelt between his legs, one hand wrapped around his shaft and looking up at him as I licked the end with my tongue with his hands firmly tangled in my hair. I also liked that he was vocal e.g made the kind of noises that say fuck that feels good. The only thing that did irritate me was that he kept whipping his phone out to film stuff, so to prove a point I refused point blank to tell him how much I loved sucking his cock until he put it away, then promptly told him before taking his cock deep in my mouth to underline my point. Looking back at the night and deciding which bits to write about it was a pretty fun night and in between bouts of debauchery I remember laughing a lot. My favourite part of the night was when we went to the bathroom and no you cheeky sod my watch isn't showerproof. We were stood in his bath, I remember stroking his chest and licking his nips and him pissing on my feet. Phone of course in his hand, he kept telling me to get on my knees and I was steadfastly refusing until he'd put the camera away so anyway he eventually does and I drop to my knees and told him not to piss in my mouth. So he starts pissing all over me its hot as fuck, then he gets it in my.mouth. We're laughing, ism trying to find a piss free patch of skin to wipe my mouth on, he's laughing harder so its spurting out everywhere, then he tries blaming it on me because apparently I was moving everywhere....duh because I knew you'd try and get it in my mouth you fucker. It was horny as fuck but hell. I'm just going to give a brief overview of the rest as a lot of hot stuff happened that night. Like for example having a cigarette whilst he stroked my clit. And when I was kind of.sitting in between his legs and he was kissing and blowing lightly on my birthmark(under my hair line if anyone is interested) and stroking my.clit until I came. And when I was wanking him off and licking his nips, him repeatedly calling me a good girl...that got my pussy twitching too. He is a pretty hardcore Dom, no messing around. Because when he said he could fit the whole in one of his hands to demonstrate he made me bend over his coffee table and gave me a spanking and when I so much as lifted a finger off the table to rub my scorching ass he told me I'd better not...then he slapped my pussy I swear to god by the end of it all everything hurt including the.sole of my left foot. We did attempt to fuck but he had an issue with the condom and well I sure as hell wasn't going to fuck him bareback, he did make me come though with his intense that I had to get him to take them out straight after. Also seeing his face when he came.... sexy as hell. The next morning when I woke up(in my own bed of course) i.did ask myself if it'd actually finally happened, then rolled over on to my back and felt my arse and arse was still sore 3 days afterwards it is still bruised and my nips were so painful that I didn't wear a bra for.over 24 hours afterwards. I guess this will probably be my last post in Exeter as I'm off back to wales again in a couple of weeks. Maybe I'll hook up with some hottie between now and then but I'm not really bothered, because if Golden delicious is the last guy I hooked up with for awhile I'm glad it was him, because now I know what it feels like to kiss the guy that makes my blood rush. Stay kinky Kinky Cupcake XOXO


  1. i read your blogs alot and cant help but let my hand wonder down my boxers as i read ;)

    1. Haha tell me about if his messages arn't making me put my hands down my pants re-reading my blogs about it do lol

    2. lol well im likeing the thought of your hands down your pants now i think you need to write a book of your escapades id certainly buy it ;)

    3. What a hot night. Loved the pissing description and thinking about you taking all that piss all over your body is making my cock hard. Would love to do that and have you piss all over me.

    4. Awww thanks, yes it was very hot!!!