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Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Rocking upto Wales with a swagger

Hey lovely people so how's your week been? So once again things have gone a bit tits up. As some of you know from my last post I was moving back to Wales...unfortunately it was not by choice, predominantly due to finances and my anxiety disorder rearing it's ugly head again, but I'm not going to lie the thought of never having to see Golden delicious again was actually a plus. I'm not going to give him a verbal bashing here as I've already said everything I needed too, I'm done with his selfish ass, ooh and if you are reading this you're a fake so shave your mo you're about as punk as My little pony. So Friday was my last night in Exeter(or so I thought at the time) and I spent the evening with Miss Banana eating dinner in the garden and chatting. After she left and we'd said our goodbyes, I went back outside to watch the sunset and the neighborhood bat taking its twilight flight, I do love balmy summer evenings...simple.pleasures and all that. Afterwards I did boring crap like all of my packing, come 1:30am I was lounging around on my bed in bra and pants, feeling lonely and despondent and trying not to cry over that knob head(golden delicious) when I decided that I didn't want to spend my last night moping around, so on the off chance I messaged an acquaintance of mine, who is no stranger to coming round to mine at silly o'clock in the morning. Admittedly it had happened only once before lol and it was well over a year ago and we just kissed but no harm in trying right. I'm going to call him Fucking Memorable simply because we fucked and my last night in Exeter was very memorable in a good way. OK ladies and gents, he is smoking hot, aesthetically he's the kind of guy your mother probably would've warned you about, you know heavily tattooed, nose piercing. However personality wise he is a gent and has nice manners which as you know I am a stickler for, although where mine went when I said "so are you going to kiss me or what" is beyond me but I'll get to that in a second. So yes he's tall, tattooed(heavily so) has gorgeous blue eyes, full lips and the kind of hands that...sorry folks I zoned out for a second there thinking about him in nothing but an oil streaked beater, and touching me all over with those sexy oil stained man hands of his. Phhhhew cold shower for cupcake please. Our hook up didn't start out brilliantly, as I'd locked myself out of my suitcase (which he found funny and it was you should've seen me straddling the thing trying to prize it open lol) and all of my sexy knickers were packed inside it. Then when he arrived I had to streak downstairs to let him in in nothing but my bra and granny huh, before leaving him standing in my pitch black hallway whilst I ran up the stairs to chuck on the only thing that wasn't being held hostage by my sodding suitcase and attempting to make myself look less "wanton hussy" and erm a bit more lady like haha, you know given that I wasn't certain that we were going to get naked(i knew I was up for it but call me naive I wasn't sure was) So coffee in our hands we went and sat in the garden and yes I know it sounds awfully romantic but that's sooo not why I suggested it, it's simply because it was still warm out and I love star gazing hence the two constellations I have tattooed on my arm. We slipped into easy conversation, I remember telling him why I was leaving, I also remember saying that maybe I needed a new city, you know a change, I meant it at the time but I think I really meant more so than anything was that I needed to change and get my act together, because I actually really love Exeter and felt like I belonged there. Anyway when it got cold we went up to my room and after jokingly chastising him for pikeying my only pillow(than you Miss Banana for introducing that awful word to my vocabulary) I laid down next to him and tested the water by rubbing my leg up against his, then he propped up and looked down at me, all I could think was kiss me...then my manners went out of the window and j said "are you going to kiss me or what" and then he He is an excellent kisser, passionate yet gentle and just the right amount of tongue none of that sloppy wet malarkey. I remember I was quite bossy/Dom as in get naked, more naked and squeezing his nips and biting them. Needless to say I wasn't so Dom when it came to getting it on he knew exactly what to do. It was hot as hell, I liked sucking his cock and having his fingers all tangled up in my hair, I liked the noises he made sexy and the way his skin tasted when I kissed his chest and licked his nips, and I definitely liked it when he made me come and then did so shortly afterwards himself...such a gent ladies first and all that. Which ever position we did it in it felt fanfuckingtastic(my legs on his winner g-spot all the way to orgasmville) afterwards I smoked a post sex cigarette, cliché I know. Exhausted I flopped back down onto the bed and he followed suit, resting his head on my arm and kissing me, I dropped my free arm over his and lazily stroked his, reveling in post orgasm rush. It's been a real long time since I've done that, hugging after sex I mean but I thought fuck it I'd never see him again as I was wales bound the next day and he felt good. I did suggest a shower because my hair was a sweaty mess and I highly suspected that I smelled like a rugby players jock strap, in response to my suggestion he kissed me and asked if I could manage round two, honestly I really didn't think I could...the mattress wasn't the only thing ruined lol, but I was horny, flipping Nora he's got stamina. I sat on his cock(condoms were used of course, you know my rule folks) and rode him, then he picked me and fucked me.standing up my legs wrapped around his waist riding him and then back down on the bed, fucking me doggy and pulling my hair and slapping my ass, god that was hot I was dripping. Orgasms are great aren't they. We went to bed after that, although I kept having to get up for lol due to all the water I drunk soz I'm a pain in the ass to share a bed with lol. I don't know what time it was, but I remember being half asleep and curling into him the next morning and him kissing me, it is a nice way to be woken up, then he left and I promptly passed out for a few more hours. I was walking like John Wayne for two days after lol and I most definitely rocked up into Wales with a swagger. I was supposed to be heading back there then but got picked up on Sunday instead and spent Saturday evening with Miss Banana spilling about the night before and eating chocolate cake. Now I'm in wales and well I'm miserable as all of my.close friends have moved on and now not only am miserable, I'm also bored, lonely and jobless and if it wasn't for my two besties a text or Skype away I'd have cracked you both so much! And on that note lovely ladies and gents I shall leave it there...on a relatively high note...don't think I'll be posting again for awhile. /> Stay kinky Kinky Cupcake XOXO