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Monday, 7 May 2012

I'm baaaaack!

Hey lovely ladies and gents, so how have you been? I'm doing pretty well compared to how I was in my last post. I arrived back in Exeter on Tuesday night. It was a bit of a mad rush and happened kind of fast. As in decided on Tuesday afternoon, called my previous landlord and boss, sent out two important "I'm coming back" texts, packed a suitcase and was off to Bristol train station a few hours later. It's crazy the things I packed as essentials to last me until my.stuff arrives, like four pairs of shoes plus the ones I was wearing and i?m sorry I don't care what anyone say's sex toys do count as essentials but in all fairness I did only pack five of them and my.nurses uniform(I'm just relieved my suitcase didn't open on the train, that might have been a bit embarrassing lol) So why am I back to soon, well as some of you may know I got worse in Wales, it got so bad where I wouldn't leave the house for days and plus I had a panic attack in A+E. Plus I have missed everyone in here, not just my friends either, I missed my job, work colleagues and faces i've gotten to know just from living here. Don't get me wrong I did ask myself if moving might be a bit too much too soon and would I be able to handle it after how bad it was. So i've made a pact with myself that if at any point I have a panic attack then I'm going for.the medication option, until I complete my therapy. So far i've fared pretty well it does have me slightly worried that perhaps I'll start having them again though. So from my previous blog it's safe to I wasn't getting any action whilst I was in Wales, you know other than getting frisky with the contents of my toy draw right? Well actually I did get.lucky and spent a substantial amount of time shagging my arse off, giving head and getting up to all sorts of deliciously perverted kinky things...all thanks to modern technology. Sure I do have mixed feelings about technology changing the way we meet people, as I personally prefer the more organic method e.g stepping away from the computer screen and going and meeting people that way, like coffee shops, being out and about, the supermarket,and even Victoria train station(hot spanish coffee barista, Ola guapo). However I have dabbled, in the online dating sites. And met a couple of people that I met online, but it was solely for sex, in fact I met the Wanderer and Colchester that way and I'm sure they will both agree that meeting was solely about the sex. The only reason I use dating sites such as Pof and fetlife. Not once has it been about finding a date. There is a serious perk cybering though well in my opinion there is, as my regular readers will know I have a taste for kinky sex, and whilst I dabbled in some kink experiences with Handsome Statham and of course a bit of spanking with some of the others, but I had know Handsome Statham for awhile both in and out of the bedroom before indulging he was the nipple torture and CBT and of course the infamous hand print. But for the most part I dont do kinky sex, the reason being is that involves a lot of trust, so hooking up with some random and letting him tie me up well that's just insanity and because I now no longer date I'm never with someone for long enough to feel safe enough t practice it with. So thanks to the sites I mentioned before I at least get to indulge a A bit even if it is just via my phone. So who is the gent who I spent a few hours sexting the arse off? Well all you need to know is that he's appeared in my blog before, but he's not a fan of having his kinks aired here so I'm not saying the nick name I wrote about him under as I promised I wouldn't. All you lovely lot need to know is that he's so hot he still makes my blood rush and the thought of him with his belt in his hand ready to take it to my ass and pussy, makes me quiver and my stomach knot and my.pussy wet. I'll admit I was a bit shocked to hear from him, when I moved I figured out of site out of mind. So his message was a nice surprise and a welcomed distraction. The thing about sexting with this guy is that it's never vanilla, there's only so.many ways one can describe giving a blow job and sex positions before it gets bland and I'm craving a kink fix, which with him I always got. Plus there are numerous ways to describe a kinky blow job like "i think about you fucking my mouth" or"ism on my knees with my hands tied behind my back, your fingers tangled up in my hair, sliding your cock in and out of my mouth before coming all over my face" that's a wank time regular. Most of sexting revolves around our mutual kinks.I had another kink that I hadn't mentioned, but that I had no intention of divulging what it was, despite him attempting to get it out of me by by doing the whole ill tell you mine if you tell me yours...turns out he was fresh out of unrevealed kinks...glad I didn't spill it haha. When it comes to being dominated though I am very choosey in the respect that with some guys I automatically think yes I can imagine them domming me. Like with this guy, I reckon he'd only so much as to crook his finger. I must admit I am pretty rubbish at saying no to him and its not just because he's hot, it is simply due to the fact that I spend too much time thinking with my clit. So anyway whilst we were messaging filth he asked me what id let him whip my pussy with, I said anything he saw fit too, his following reply really got my juices flowing, his belt, cane and my hair brush. Ummmmm yes please to all of the above lol. I must admit I could do with a serious bout of sexting right now, actually sod that the real deal would be preferable. I'm talking hot, rampant, up against the wall, bend me over my desk, take your belt to my ass and pussy, pull my hair, fuck me so hard, break furniture type sex. I'm trying to work out why he gets me wetter than anyone else and why he's such a constant regular when I'm having a play. Of course he is incredibly hot, but I think it's the fact that he's so kinky. I think I could spend hours trawling through fetlife and not find anyone quite like him in the respect of the mutual kinks we share. I'm very much so into degradation play and to hell with it if anyone wants to judge me or throw up after this next revelation, one of our mutual kinks is piss play, well golden showers to be more specific, it's the degradation aspect more so than anything. Admittedly after one of the videos I'd sent him I felt a bit awkward, like I needed some reassurance that he didn't see me differently, because I don't get up to this sort of thing with any old Tom, Dick or Harry. It's a trust thing, And who I am in the bedroom is not who I am outside of it. Don't misinterpret the golden showers thing, it's not like I get off on rolling around in piss, it's the degradation aspect that gets me off. I will admit after a brief conversation about Shibari(Japanese bondage it means "to tie" or "to bind" it is also known as Kinbaku-bi which translates as "the beauty of tight binding") I did make a confession about a scenario that got me off. I'm not spilling it here but despite my embarrassment, from his response he thought it was hot. It's funny the amount of new kinks i've developed a curiosity for since we began sexting. Whether its the cane, golden showers or having my pussy spanked with the business end of my hairbrush so hard till I cry well actually not cry(it is one thing to let a man piss on you, it is quite another to let him see you cry...i don't trust you that much hahah)scream. I think I'll leave it there. Things I'm loving right now Being back in Exeter My job Catching up in person with my bestie's. Martin Millar....his books are awesome. Things I'm hating right now Two faced people People who revert to behaving like apes when they are loosing an argument by flinging shit e.g saying I'm tired all the time because I don't about go suck a dick princess and whilst we're at learn how to strap on a pair. Stay kinky Kinky Cupcake XOXO


  1. you fucking dirty slag sort your life out no one gives a shit about your blogs you fithly whore get your head tested. you have had no comments on any of your blogs just get it in your head no one gives a fuck about you! i actually feel for you in how deluded you are and how pathetic your life is.. you need to fix up.

    Lots of love Max xoxoxox ( spanish dude )

  2. Dear Oli and are both see, people post comments wonderful ones, dirty ones etc or in the case of.yours pathetic and immature ones but guess what....i moderate them and decide whether or not too post them, so to prove to the 800 or so regular readers how are I thought i'd you know name and anymore bull shit from either of you i'll be slapping you with an harrassment order comprendre vous cupcakes.

  3. Fuck off Max I like reading it - you sound like a massive twat.

  4. @anonymous above. I'm glad you like reading it...cheers and stay tuned for my next post I was very naughty last night. Also the above situation hqs been sorted out, now(max was a spanish guy that lived here) turns out the people that I thought wrote it didnt. It wqs two of the other people in the house. Oli and I have now called a cease fire and the noise battle of 2012 has ended and we are now back to being friends:-)

  5. I give a shit about her blogs, she's an amazing writer and I am addicted to her stories so I suggest you go sort you life out 'Max' you big pile of dog shit!

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you like reading about my antics.:-)