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Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Happy birthday Single, passion, shoes and lube

Hey lovely people so how has your month been? This post is really important to me, it is a milestone , minor achievement of which I am proud of. It's Single, passion, shoes and lube's first birthday. I can't believe i've been writing it for a whole year, that's a lot of posts, a lot of cock and a lot of orgasms. Most of all I can't believe and this is the bit I am proud of, that i've stuck with it that I didn't just quit on it after the first couple of posts. I've watched my stats with each post, which has grown from 20 reads to 350+ per post. I know that number in the grand scheme of things is small, but its still awesome to think that people are interested in what I have to say. I just want to say a huge thank you to all of you ladies and gents for reading it. Looking back at each of my posts its been a hell of a ride both figuratively and literally, a proverbial pick n' mix of good, bad, delicious men, charming men and guys that are the dolly least favourite sweet likely too induce gagging. Before I get into the guylights, I'll touch upon a few things that i've done this year. I took pole classes Worked in a sex shop Auditioned to be a dancer Got my sleeve(tattoo) started Made some awesome new friends Cherished my existing ones even more And shit canned some bad ones Bought a while load of new heels(so pretty) I've made some mistakes and hopefully learned from them too And baked some frickin' awesome cupcakes along the way too. Now for the guylights First place surprise surprise goes to King Tart, the best sex i've ever had shame he's such a monumental douche...more on that later Fucking the wanderer in the ass with a strap-on Kinky sex with valentine Going on a couple of actual dates to see if I was missing anything. Hanging out and making out with Sin even if it was just for one night. Discovering a whole host of new sex toys that are better than my rabbit...whoop whoop We-vibe Salsa! Sexting with Clit Tease....whilst we didn't make it too the bedroom I did discover a few things that I wasn't into before but now have piqued my interest in exploring(being caned and anal play. Red ass cheeks from Handsome Harry and Handsome Statham. The low lights. King Tart, you've read the blogs ladie's and gents so it's pretty much self explanatory. That I found out recently that Pecks Charming has been telling people that he pulled me in less than five words...I was sober and remember it a lot differently, don't know why he's bragging, I didn't invite him back for a repeat performance as at the time my clit only had eyes for King Tart. The realization that I only want bad boys....only they seem to hold my interest.The horrible realization that I'm just like everybody else in the respect that, despite believing in science and statistics, there's a small part of me that hopes I'm wrong, a small hope that I'll meet someone that will change my perceptions on ''mating for life'' That a part of me hopes that one day I'll eventually meet someone that makes me want to stand still for more than 5 minutes. And despite a couple of guys making me think what's never been mutual they end up fucking me off and I'm left with my insides feeling raw.I will try and focus on the facts and the figures because that way if I do end up flying solo it won't hurt as much...not everyone is meant to end up with someone, some of us are just meant to be alone. Which leads me onto the next part of my post. Clit Tease said to me quite recently that we don't always get what we want. Sure it's a common phase, shit the rolling stones wrote a whole song about it, however he said it quite recently and it got me to thinking how true a statement it actually is. It's usually the thing or person we want most that we don't get right. See a few months ago when I first started hooking up with King Tart, ill admit it I wanted him or at least I was curious about getting to know him outside of my bedroom you know normal stuff as opposed to his favourite sex position etc. But see if I did get wanted and that was of course a date (he sure as hell gave me some outstanding orgasms) guaranteed I would've been bored a few months down the line and then I wouldn't want him anymore....getting what we want is more often than not a case of the grass is always greener, a catch 22. See if I'm being honest I don't like King Tart very much just looking back at the shit he caused me, we've tried being friends you know after the incident where he decided to hand personal number out to his friend after my telling him vehemently not too, and my prominently. Reminding him that I'm not a fuck doll that he can pass around to his mates...i ignored the shit out of him for months after that...but as is my way I let it go and we trued to be friends but well King Tart being the way he is managed to fuck that up royally....again I short while ago I turned down one of his friends pointing out that I used too hook up with KT As a result every time the two of them walk past my place of work his friend takes the piss, this weekend however id had a titsful so on their way back up they stand in front of me looking like two naughty school boys, after throwing them a look of utter contempt and telling them that they needed to grow up and stop acting so bloody infantile(KT is 33 years of age) despite KT saying he was behaving automatically shifting the blame on to his mate and almost laughed in hiss face kT behave?? Must be seeing someone, I couldn't give a rats ass, all I care about is hi,m leaving me the fuck alone and keeping his friend on a leash....using the ''i was drunk and don't know what I'm doing line'' is a load of bs. I got him out of my head once and I'll sure as hell do it would be a damn site easier if he stopped being such a tosser though. On that note lovely ladies and gents, I'll leave it there as I'm a bit under the weather today. Stay kinky Kinky Cupcake XOXO