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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Mr Clit Tease and the juice on Handsome Harry

Hey lovely people so how's your week been? I feel like i've been neglecting my blog for awhile, you know aside from the occasional cursory entry when there's been a bit of note worthy man action to spill about. I suppose things have been a tad on the stressful side of things as of late for numerous different reasons but that's life though even when it looks like a bed of roses there will be the occasional time that you will get pricked by a thorn. Things feel a bit like Jenga at the moment with the house and work etc, especially work and my health, I felt like I was going to faint on Thursday night and on Friday and Saturday i've been feeling very weak and too close to fainting to the point where it scares me, after having to call in sick to work yesterday...again because of it I called nhs direct and also explained that I'd had blood tests done for a few things and they came back clear, the nurse I spoke has told me to go back to the doctors again. Miss banana has pointed out that i've been complaining of feeling faint and light headedness for some time now and that it's not normal. I've lost my appetite the last few days but regardless I'm forcing myself to eat regularly(for a skinny chick I actually eat like a horse). I'm going to cut to the chase here I don't want to discuss the mediocrity of my every day life here its boring, as most of you lovely lot that have been reading my blog for awhile now will know I generally write about my sexcapades here like a more X-rated sex in the city type of thing. Tonight I will be writing about two gents as the title would suggest, Handsome Harry and Clit Tease. One is good the other bad. Let me tell you a few things about Clit Tease ladies and gents, he is drool inducingly hot, the epitome of masculinity and Alpha male(and we all know how I like an alpha I wouldn't touch a beta male) and i've been thinking about sucking his dick like a lolly pop for the 4 or so months to the point where i've woken up wet...yep that's right wet dream hot! So why pray tell is he the one who fits under '' bad'' out of the two guys I'll be telling you about? It's simple really for the last few months we've flirted when we've seen each other around, swapped a whole host of dirty pics, vids and dirty texts indulging each other in our wank time fantasies a particularly naughty one I'd sent him involving me wearing my latex maids dress having to keep my legs spread so he could have access when ever he wanted then him fucking my mouth and shooting his load all over my latex bound tits struck a chord with him, it's one of my favourites, I'll leave the rest of the details of that wank time fantasy out as most of you will be somewhat repulsed by the ending of it haha. Clit Tease sure is a kinky one, I won't divulge too much here but suffice to say he's almost as kinky as I am, and thanks to him I have a strong desire to be caned and as those of you who read my kink blog will know that is a shocking revelation considering a short while ago the thought of the cane left me cold and with a strong desire to hide in my wardrobe should anyone so much as suggest it. So not only do I love my ass bruised I want welts on it too. I don't think ism hardcore or stupid enough to let anyone cane the palms of my hands or soles of my feet like Clit Tease wanted to do...sadistic mother fucker. In my 'Reality vs fantasy and a spot of anal play too'' blog I confess that I'd played with a small anal toy and actually enjoyed it, it has piqued my interest and ism up for exploring it further by having a cock up my ass, and after a conversation not so long ago with Clit Tease where he'd said that I don't even do anal so can't be that good well looks like he missed out on all accounts because I am that good and he missed out on taking my ass cherry...awww shame(jk) So by that last sentence you lovely lot would be right in assuming that this is where it starts to get a bit sour and the reason I'm left with a slightly bitter taste in my mouth becomes apparent. That's right after all the flirting, naughty texts, pics etc it turns out that Clit Tease is exactly that...all mouth and no action we've had ample opportunity to get our fuck on to the point where I laid it on the line and was my usual blunt self and asked him out right when exactly it was that he was going to fuck me and aside from he saying that it must be killing me to find out(i know right how smooth) and my neat retort of ''you're all mouth and no action you clearly don't have the balls to fuck me''. It's become abundantly clear that that man wouldn't know what to do with me if he'd ever had me naked within touching distance. When I pushed further for an actual answer you know an honest one, he gave ,me some bullshit reasons which I are just that you know bullshit, and a spot of bickering ensued, and I drew the obvious conclusion that the reason he's not fucked the hell out of me is because he's no longer attracted to me. Yep that stung but aside from feeling about as attractive as a swamp donkey or shrek, I feel humiliated...and I hate feeling that way. For years I tortured myself about the way I looked, I was always the ugly best mate. I thought I'd stopped giving a crap about that superficial crap and that I was comfortable in my own skin, the old self esteem has taken a bit of a bashing this month since I was told I wasn't pretty enough to dance and that I was too ordinary looking, that night ended up with me blasting whatever cd I had in the dvd player so non of my house mates could hear me crying not that I would admit that allowed to anyone other than Miss Banana or my Colombian bestie. The thing that I hate most is the fact that it was Clit Tease that I let make me feel that way someone who I thought most of the time couldn't get enough me and seemingly wanted my hand down his pants and his cock in my mouth as much as I did. I know I'm being silly but the way I look and my desirability is my achilles heel, suppose in the same way that his age is clearly his. I get chatted up on a nightly basis, i've got three models in my little black book, so I guess ism not as bad as I sometimes think I am and then of course there's Handsome Harry... Handsome Harry is of course handsome in fact he's sexy as hell in that smouldering shut up and kiss me right now kind of way, he's about 5'7 broad shouldered, muscular, great arms and has ink down both, dark hair and blue eyes. I'm going to leave out how and where we met lets just say it involved a couple of weeks of flirting and him subtly slipping me his phone number. We'd arranged to meet up the following Tuesday but fortunately for me Handsome Harry is as impulsive and spontaneous as I'm and about half an hour after texting him my number I was busy pulling clothes on to go and meet him outside a local hotel where he was staying. When I met him he went to give me a hug two seconds later we were full on making out and haphazardly walking backwards to my house that was hot, the second we're in through my bedroom and he's sat on my bed I straddle him, and kiss him some, withing minutes I'm telling him to strip off...oh my hot clothed even hotter naked, I being a total ho' for tattoos got busy checking out his ink and ok I'll admit it checking out his package....the man is blessed! Having realized that I was still fully clothed and non too happy about it, I stood right in front in front of him, peeling off my clothes until I was stood in nothing but my La Senza, one swift flick of my right hand and my bra was slithering to the floor closely followed by my thong to the welcomed approval of Handsome Harry. Two seconds and one condom later I was sliding up and down on his rock hard cock, kissing, stroking and licking awhile later, we came, fuck! I had a cigarette and as I was smoking Harry began to lick my ass hole...ummm hot alternating between licks and slapping my ass, when I'd done smoking I pushed him back on the bed kissing him, and with my decent towards his cock I kissed and stroked my way down to his crotch, licking and sucking his balls lightly then made my way back up to his lips kissing him hotly, then his neck, when he slapped my hot, and naturally it elicited the oooh moan, so he continue then he asked me to tell him what I liked I said that referring to the ass slapping then proceeded to kiss his bicep when he said ''you like having your bum smacked'' ummm hummm I replied suddenly I got all embarrassed, then he slapped my ass again and said ''do you want me to put you over my knee'' now fuck knows why this happened but I felt even more embarrassed and was trying to hide my blushes I think the fact that he was laughing(in a good natured kind of way) when he said it was why I'd gone a rather unbecoming shade of beetroot, but regardless he kept smacking my ass and in no time I was dripping between my legs, as I asked nicely for it harder the more wet I became and 5 mins later we were fucking each other seven sides of Sunday...having my ass spanked is a sure fire way to giving me spectacular orgasms its all about the endomorphines baby(protein which is released to combat pain giving you a high that's why spanking is pleasurable and the endomorphines make us feel good it is also known as flying to us spanksters) I hasn't come like that in intense! Handsome Harry is only down here for another week as he's working down here. He'll be back next week to fuck the hell and spank the hell out of me then he'll be back home to Cornwall. And ill leave it there Stay Kinky Kinky Cupcake XOXO

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