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Monday, 3 October 2011

Reality Vs Fantasy(and a spot of anal play too)

Hey lovely people so how's your weeks been? My next blog post was only going to be a quicky to say that I'd be off the radar for awhile on account of deciding to forge on ahead with an erotic short story which I hope Xcite books will publish. The word count necessary seems disturbingly high but having written half of the first filthy scene i've already hit 1,600 words. So 10,000 upon reflection doesn't seem so terrifying. Regardless of whether or not Xcite do go ahead and publish it I'll be posting it here on completion and I must admit it's shaping up to being juice inducingly horny...then you lovely lot will really find out what a dirty girl I am. Some will be based on stuff i've already gotten down and naughty exploring in reality, some bits are purely a wank time fantasy yet to come to fruition in real life and some bits are inspired by my recent bout of cybering. Yep as of late i've reverted back to cybersexing, trawling my usual sites, Fetlife, collar me and the like for kinky men to chat utter filthyness with until one or both of us spurt our respective juices over the screens(cybering is highly underrated) as I don't have much time for actual cock these days its me, my right hand and the hot guy behind the computer screens that are doing it for me at the mo. Wanking is good for you admittedly not as good for you as getting shafted by a rock hard cock nor is it as fun, but penultimate an orgasm is an orgasm. Being that I'm sooo pro wanking and that I'm 100% team orgasm and get cranky as hell if I don't have one on a regular basis I do a lot of it. I've been working at the sex shop Simply pleasure for 3 months now, which means ladies and gents that i now get to use my staff discount which I did for the first time on saturday..i love my job. About a month after I'd started working there we got new We-Vibe products in store. We-Vibe have relieved rave reviews on a global scale from customers, industry and magazines for their innovative We-Vibe II which is the worlds number 1 couples vibrator. A genius and sophisticated piece kit, which can be worn during sex, stimulating you G spot and your clit whilst your partner is inside you, christ think of those Orgasms its also wireless and rechargeable. So when we received the Tango, Salsa and Touch I was quite keen to whip them out of their boxes and get them turned on. Tango and Salsa are bullets and the Touch sits comfortably in the palm of your hand for clit stim. The second I turned Salsa on and saw it spinning in the palm of my hand and vibrating so fast the tip was a blurred outline and that's just on the first setting I promised myself that if I passed the probationary period that id treat myself to one. This is my review of the Salsa Some basic techy stuff: Its rechargeable and the recharging doc is magnetic so can be removed when fully charged so as not to hinder play It has 8 settings and is simple to use Small enough to fit comfortably in your hand When I bought the Salsa I was a bit concerned it wouldn't be as good as it looks and that the reality wouldn't measure up to the fantasy(a vibe that would make me come harder and faster than ever before) ism very pleased to say that I'd needn't have been worried in fact it surpassed all of my expectation with erm flying colour and no I didn't miss the s of colour haha. I generally use toys after my initial orgasm(which takes about 20mins to get there)I save the best to last so to speak(e.g for multiple Os) now with my other vibes it'd take me easily 5 mins to come the Salsa had me there in half the time and on the first vibration setting needless to say I haven't come that hard or that fast before (whilst flying solo) I continued playing with the Salsa coupled with my fave dildo and another toy ill get to in a minute, I got busy exploring it's other settings, I found that whilst the second through to 4th settings were too intense for me the pulsing modes were great fun...Wow!!! It's small and mighty kind of like me...oh wait that's small and tightly. The reason I chose the Salsa over the other bullet the Tango is down to it's shape it is literally pointed(in a non sharp and scary way) like a bullet, where as Tango is flat and smooth on the one side. I like to get right in the groove and that's why the pointed tip of Salsa is perfect for me. If any of you lovely lot are tempted to go get one take my advice as someone who sells dildos and vibes for a living We-vibe Salsa is rad and surpasses any of my other vibrators. Now I mentioned I used another toy earlier along side the Salsa and fave dildo(Basix rubber works 6incher) the last few blokes I've hooked up with or have cybered with have been somewhat obsessed umm maybe obsessed is the wrong word umm perhaps intent is more accurate on deflowering my ass cherry and as some of you lovely lot know from my previous blogs ass play does zero for me unless I'm the one playing as opposed to receiving if you get my drift. I've experimented with having a finger up there and it did nothing for me as far as ism concerned ass play is only taboo and naughty if a straight guy is getting his ass fucked by a chick. And as i've pointed out on numerous occasions to these chaps my G-spot is up my pussy speaking of which is just as tight as my ass. But whilst dusting the Anal section at work the other day I came across the smallest ass toy we do which is made by the clever people at Bottoms up. So when I was splurging some of my hard earned cash on updating my toy drawer I thought fuck it lets see what the hype is all about. I must admit I was apprehensive at first but the people at Bottoms up know their stuff, unlike a finger or a cock their anal toys specifically the one I got (a beginners ass plug) which is tiny and non horrifying it is super bendy and soft and as much as I hate to admit it the sensation was actually pleasurable. That's right folks you heard it here first...kinky cupcake found having something up her ass pleasurable in fact it felt damn right naughty and that's coming from a lady who has done a fair share of taboo kinks. I also bought a PVC sheet(perfect for getting wet and slippery on and due balls often known as love eggs which ill be reviewing at some point this week ism thinking taking a trip to the shop with them in would be the best idea as movement is how they stimulate you. Things ism loving right now We-vibe Salsa and the other new toys My new 3/4 length Dr Martens with old school yellow laces That Miss Banana was so sweet when she bared witness to my nervous melt down the other night she is the only person in two years i've let in far enough to trust enough to see me like that <3<3 <3 legend! That my dad is well and happy That despite a lot of my so called friends showing their true colours this month(and booy are they ugly ones) its great to see I'm important to some people as they are to me I am grateful that you're all apart of my life . Things i'm hating right now That i've been ill so much lately and that includes the sodding cold sores that have prevented me from sucking cock and kissing the last weeks That some of my supposed friends whom i bent over backwards for on numerous occasions showed their true colours well guess what bitches you sure as shit don't deserve me and just because I'm so sweet and nice doesn't mean you can walk all over me, because I can be a cunt too...and ism twice as nasty That ism freaking out because in like 3 years time I'm 30 fuuuuuck I need to do shit. Two faced people, don't be nice to my face then bitch about up and say it to my face Right then lovely people I'll leave it there Stay Kinky Kinky Cupcake XOXO.