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Monday, 5 September 2011

Yes i'm a wanker, seriously my toy box is huge

Hey lovely people so how's your week/s been? Sorry i've dropped off the radar a bit as of late, I worked out yesterday that the accumulative hours i've worked in the last two weeks is a grand total of 136 no wonder i've collapsed 3 times. Things have been super busy, super stressful and it got all the more so this afternoon when my uncle called and told me my dad is in hospital, he got taken in yesterday due to his hernia popping out and being a size of a football, hes going into surgery tomorrow morning...i hope he's och. I think anymore stress is going to knock me on my ass, most of you probably perceive me as well put together you know unflappable, as if I have a thick layer of super glue coating me preventing me from is an illusion I just hide my shit well unless you're part of the inner sanctum e.g live with me it's kind of hard to hide streaky make-up cheeks or the pile of books littering the bedroom floor because ism a twat and forgot to bring my punch bag with me when I moved I'm not sure how much more stress I can take. But the good news is my work schedule looks to be returning to normal over the upcoming week or at least mellowing g out some whoop whoop! I'd just like to take the time here to say a massive thanks to Handsome Statham who aside from being damn good in bed he's turning out to be a good friend too, aside from offering hugs a few days ago, thanks for calling me earlier...and listening you really cheered me up XO The same goes to Miss Banana too with out you id have probably had a nervous breakdown the last couple of weeks Squench!! Love So given that i've barely had time to sleep or squeeze in a wank for that matter, i've not seen a naked man in my room for well since my last hook up with Handsome Statham which was like 3 weeks ago christ! God that's a long time. I miss fucking, I love it everything from the meeting, flirting, those looks exchanged that say...i can't wait to have you naked in my room, to the actual getting naked bit. People ask me all the time why I don't drink, here's why aside from not enjoying the buzz, id much rather fuck instead, it's how I unwind, how I distress, in that while when ism overwhelmed by passion, for those moments I am free and the ticking clock of time I am blissfully unaware of. I slip out of myself or rather into the part of me that's living for the moment, chasing euphoria with someone until my body shudders and I reach that plateau, that high that's unobtainable from drinking booze or doing drugs, I'd rather revel in the heady sensation of orgasm head that will fade gently than get off my face and nursing a hangover the next day. I must admit I'm one cock craving bitch right's all I can think about and earlier when I was busy flying solo I came so hard I nearly cried. But outstanding wanks aside there's only so much a dildo can do. It can't grab your hair and fuck your mouth, nor can it tie you up, or spank the hell out of you until you're a horny mess begging for cock. I need to get some, hopefully this weekend coming as Superfine will be back in town. Actually getting some kinky sex would be thoroughly delicious I really think it'd make all my stress melt away quite nicely. Whilst I'm on the subject of spanking. I read a book called The confessions of a London Spank daddy(a male Dom who likes to spank asses) by Peter Jones it is exactly what it says on the tin it's a collection of his juicy spanking adventures, he's infamous on the London scene for being a pro at spanking and caning. As a spankster myself I found the book predominantly about the cane which left me cold. don't get me wrong the though of using one on some turns me on but I know what I like and what I like is bruises not welts on my ass. The reason I'm bringing up Peter Jones's book is because of the introduction...i get off on intelligence and writes why we enjoy it...when it's done right it should achieve a combined adrenaline/endomorphine rush which is known as flying and some people say its better than an orgasm. So this is how we derive pleasure from the pain its the two chemical releases, the adrenaline created by fear and excitement and the endomorphins which are a protein produced automatically to counteract pain. Now I know for a fact that its all about building up to the pain gradually no one likes to hardcore cold spanked...especially not me its about gentle slaps with a stroked ass in between aka rubbing it out, then gradually progressing to harder slaps the rubbing it out is sequentially. All of this gives the body time to produce the endomorphins (they are also the reason you feel good despite the aches and pains after playing sport or going to the gym. God I miss having a bruised ass on a regular basis.< So on account of not having seen a cock other than on the back of a porno for 3 weeks i've been busy wanking myself silly when time permits and since i've started at Simply Pleasure my toy draw has been growing, here are the new additions, 2 copies of Taboo(i'm just that dirty) latex maids dress, nipple clamps, Liquid silk, a rox-off bullet and the cherry on the whipped cream a Basix dildo if I pass my probationary period at Simply pleasure I will be using my discount for a we vibe Salsa...a genius piece of kit, its a bullet that's rechargeable and so strong it bounces out of the palm of your hand...blimey that's a strong vibe. So instead of revealing all of the sordid details about what I fantasized about during my numerous solo sessions I'm going to do a mini review of the new addition to the toy draw Why Basix dildos are awesome and my rabbit has been temporarily sidelined Its simple really they are aside from being aesthetically pleasing and very much so look like an actual cock. They have one thing that a rabbit Don't and that is ladies and gents.....flexibility seriously they are super duper bendy, and what with my insides being so small its great because it moves with me, where as a rabbit didn't have that flexibility and is on occasion so massive and stiff its uncomfortable. Sooooo loving it. Its bendy, its looks like a real one e.g has the head soft subtle veins etc and due to being so bendy it hits the G spot fantastically. It doesn't however have a clit stim so that's where your bullets will come in handy. So other than wanking myself silly and working like a biatch. I have managed to snatch some me time the other day to do the only kind of shopping I actually enjoy(aside from book hunting) I went and picked up some heels for my upcoming ''yey i'm old day'' in 2 weeks time and ladies they are simply the most divine things i've ever had on my feet, I blew some of my hard earned cash on a pair of gorgeous peep toe, sling back black platforms by Kurt Geiger, j'adore I feel like a million bucks in those shoes so when my birthday night out swings round I'll be two busy marvel ling at how pretty my feet look in them to be worrying about the fact I'll be turning 27! I'm soooo looking forward to the saturday night off and for once putting on a pretty pair of heels, a girly dress sans massive promo hoody and shimmying off into the night to embrace the lights, and the clubs that smell like perfume, sweat, spilled cocktails, where for the first time in like a year I will be one of the writhing bodies on the dance floor getting lost in the music and lost in some hot blokes lips...its going to be a rare treat to pull in a normal situation as possessed to in the street haha. Anyone who's up for coming out and about hit me up on Facebook we'll be heading to cavern, and time piece On a side note you should all check out Stephen Elliott's book called A life Without Consequences...its mind blowing. On that note ladies and gents I'll leave it there, stay kinky Kinky Cupcake XOXO