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Monday, 23 May 2011

Adios King Tart. and see you lovely lot in a month!

Dear Kinky Cupcake readers, i'm just letting you know that I won't be posting for awhile I know today I have been recruiting volunteers to answer a question in prep for a blog. However i've decided to take some time out from occured to me today that aside from picking the wrong ones (with the exception of Duvet Stealer) each time I discuss it with my friends theres something abundantly obvious...a part of the old me still lives on the part of me with self esteem thats so fragile the slightest thing makes me crack. If i'm not Ok with myself and 100% happy with who I am, how will I be able to deal with rejection or guys choosing other people over me or any of the other thingss that I torture myself about. So I will be taking a break from writing for a month or so. Just one last update though. I hooked up with Duvet stealer on saturday night...and I had an amazing time he wasn't drunk either lol it made a nice change to not only be someones sober choice but nice to not be the last resort end of the night girl. Duvet stealer is very funny and we have great chemistry. One last note on King Tart, he messaged me on friday night but is now ignoring me that fine I was starting to get a bit hooked on his dick. So ignore me all you want but don't forgot you were the one who messaged me on friday night and i'm sick of wanting you in my bed as I don't do getting hooked on guys especially not for their dicks
. Thank you all for reading my blog you lovely lot, i'll be back soon.
Stay lovely, Kinky Cupcake XOXOX

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Case of the green eyed Vagina

Hey lovely people so hows your week been? I've just finished reading a Nikki Sixx interview on, its cool to different. I am a fan, I love his music and his writing. I think its refreshing to see someone in a position to do something positive out there doing it. I like how he challenges mainstream cultures perception of beauty and throws a shit storm at it. Since when does being pretty just on the outside make you beautiful. It dosn't its your soul that does. I can't wait to read his new book I know its been out for a little while now but its on my to-do list.

I've been having a bit of a weird few days, ok make that a couple of weeks, my insides feel pretty ugly right now...i seem constantly pissed off and frustrated with everything and sure my temper/emotions have been heightened the past two weeks due to my hormones, but regardless I don't like the colours i've been wearing. When I step back to reflect I mentally bitch slap myself andtell myself that things could be worse and that i'm just being stupid. I feel in a way that i'm letting my friends memory down in some way. I learned from him to grab life by the balls and that things could change if I tried hard enough. I think i've gotten lazy and that the route cause of my frustration can be soley attributed to that...laziness. Its two am and it appears I am in a reflective state so instead of being a mard arse(for you non-northerners it roughly translates as moody bitch) i'm going to dish my weeks antics.

In my last blog (the one before P.S not sweet) I say quite sternly and very matter of factly that its King Tarts last appearance in blog as in 'fine you don't want to fuck me i'll find it else where''. So when I was busy thinking about other things and other people and not remotley sulking about not playing with his dick anymore(i'm lying about the latter haha) he text me although it did take me a few mins to work out who it was from due to having deleted his number. He'd read 4 in a bed and liked it. And for anyone thinking i'm hypocrite for expcting King Tart not to to hook up with other girls and then hooking up with other people myself then ok fair shout but he dosn't get jealous at all and I generally hook up with people when i'm not getting it from him I can't help myself. I told my friend that he dosn't get jealous and her response was pretty much this ''Bollocks'' but he's said it numerous times so either he's a born swinger or he dosn't see me as someone worth getting jealous over, that has crossed my mind. I know i'm playing with fire when it comes to him and that i'll probably end up getting my fingers burned but I just can't seem to help myself...he really is that good in bed. To be honest i'm kind of shocked that he's speaking to me after friday and I think he was just as shocked that I was speaking to him after friday night. The long and short of it is I got a big case of the green eyed vagina/monster and subsequently called him a prick, admittedly we've called each other worse in bed but it really is about the context and my PMS (i used to take Prozac for my PMS so you can roughly gauge how horendous it is) had a huge part to play in it. When I bumped into him when I was at work. We spoke for a bit and during that conversation we established that yes I am a twat, and yes I am a bitch, and I thought of fucking him in two different places (one being outside work right there and then) and at least two different positions to do it in. King tart if I ever piss you off again do you mind just calling me a cunt bag instead of a bitch at least that way I won't have slick undies for the duration of my shift hahah;-)

I do have a story about friday night but first things first. I got chatting to a very handsome bloke who I will affectionatley call Duvet stealer, he's goregous, broad shouldered, cheeky smile and big dark eyes. So Mr Duvet stealer and I got chatting...hes very funny. I like a guy who can make me laugh. I made a pinky swear that I would go and say goodbye when my shift ended alas I am shit and forgot and plus I still had one very dirty thing on my mind when I finished work, the ending to my friday night would probably piss most of you lovely lot off royally if you'd found yourselves in my 6inch heels. King tart calls me on his way home and suggests that I go over I sprawled down his address and called a taxi. Then dashed round like a blue arsed fly getting changed when the taxi showed up early I had to run outsied wearing just a jumper and a g-string, flashing my arse to the taaxi driver as ran back inside to get dressed haha. So anyway we get there and whoo hoo orgasms and hot as hell rough sex here I come right? Wrong! I'm stood outside his house dolled upto the nines in seamed stockings and six inch heels (my favourite leopard print ones no less) knocking on his door to no answer and the same no answer when I phoned him...twice. Luckily the taxi driver was still there so I caught a taxi home...25 quid round trip, the funny thing I wasn't pissed off I actually found it hilarious as did the taxi driver...umm perhaps it was karma for calling him a prick earlier. Turns out King Tart was passed out drunk(you're a nightmare hahah)
We've really been missing our male bestie here at the house of naughtyness and as his flightt had been postponed until saturday due to air strikes at Kos. On the way back home in the taxi I called my bestie who wwas at the airport and we had serious catch ups. I really miss you babe. I'm sure you'll do awesome over there! He's such an amazing person and brings so much laughter and light with him when hes back on british soil.

Saturday was awesome, despite all of Sexy Stars friends randomly coming upto me going ''did you have sex with Sexy stars''(only uing his actual name of course). And him picking me up and dry humping me... only for my baccy tin to drop on the floor and upon my asking him to pick it up he said ''no i'm a______ now'' and I was like I don't give a monkeys uncle what you are I am still a lady so pick it and behave like a gent. Honestly men! Ohhhh and Sexy Stars thank you for spreading it round town that you screwed me haha little shit hahaha.
King tart didn't make it to my bed that night either god knows whos he ended up in lol but Duvet stealer ended up in mine:-) after going to meet him and giving him my spare hoodie which incidently looks waaaaay better on him than it does on me. We went back to mine, he scored seriously ''you're sweet'' points when he called me a Pixie after one of his friends called me an elf hahahaha. Who dosn't like being reffered to as a mythical creature.
Duvet stealer is pretty much the smoking police which fair shout but I must half brushed my teeth 3times and eaten a half a packet of mentos in 3hours lol. We chatted alot and laughed alot. He likes bikes and he had a nose at some of my paintings. We also had a wrestle for my duvet which of course I won on account of fighting dirty by tickling the backs of his knees mwahahaha winner! And ok its totally to do with the fact that I am a ninja in my spare time Dawn was stretching across the sky by the time we actually went to sleep no fucking though I was thoroughly exhausted from work and wasn't upto the know what they say if its worth doing its worth doing well;-). He's been texting me, its nice to not be the one that makes all the effort its good that i'm not doing all the chasing. Duvet stealer is very funny and sweet, he also throws a couple of compliments my way which is sweet. Oooh yeah that just reminded me duvet stealer has an awesome arse I like a good bum and I think I likened his physic to that of a renaissance sculpture.

I had a chat with King Tart on fbook the other night we're looking for someone for a 3some a bloke as well being an alpha non cock sharing lady like I am a bloke is a better idea and whilst we are at it I also mentioned in passing that i'd really like to film the two of us having sex...its going to be so horny!

Things i'm loving right now
My new Tala(retro baking range) piping bag so old school
The ceramic mix bowls I picked up again very 50's looking
Meet me at the Cupcake cafe (the book i'm currently reading)
My friends but I don't just love you right now i'll love you for always! Do you wanna see my south pole hahaha
The orange and ginger cupcakes I made with orange cream and carmalised orange slices...yummy!

Things i'm hating
That my cat is probably not going to show up:'(
That some people will choose sex over their friendships...not cool we're the ones that pick up the pieces when it all goes to hell...

Hope you all have a rad week lovely people
Kinky cupcake XOXOX

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

P.S not sweet

TOnce upon a time a metal fairy was busy fighting some demons and juggling college and stuff. She was a tough little cookie and carried her fair share of battle scares. Then one night when she was taking a well earned break listening to some proper metal and getting the other kiind of sweaty she asked her mate Slam for a light, when she spied a metal knight who looked nothing like that bell end prince Charming who was a total pretty boy. The metal knight had lush long hair and big dark eyes and stripey sideburns, she dug his choice of armour...leather bikers jacket and his penchant for wearing clompy combat boots. Ummmm thought the fairy thay looks like the kind of sin i'd like to get all kinds of tangled up in. And so the story begins...

Ok given the contents of my blogs its possible to say that i'm percieved as sceptical when it comes to love. I've made points and written my theories on whether or not humans are meant to ''mate for life'' and have snorted and gawfawwed at ''Love'' and have been known to say it's just a bunch of chemicals. But from that little fairytale introduction its safe to say that I Kinky cupcake have been in love...once. Ladies and gents I hope you're sitting comfortably, whilst i'm sitting here thinking about how to introduce P.S not sweet this is what popped into my head; My silhouette wheeling a silver screen and projector out into a blacked out cinema and P.S not sweet popping up in black and white wearing a trilby and 20's style mac.I always felt like i'd known him in a past life like in the 20's or something, like he'd been a huge part of my life when we'd been other people in another time. I'm a believer in past lives, ever since I was knee high to a grasshopper. My grandad believed he was a Roman centurian in his not that I have a clue what a centurian is. So from the introduction you know how we met and essentially it was our mutual friend Slam that got us together. Before I go any further allow me to give you a visual of our leading man P.S not sweet is tall almost a foot taller than me, long brown hair, eyes that are sometimes the colour of espresso and at others are the colour of chocolate orange, great build and musicians hands(in other words I wanted them all over me...alot) and like I say in the intro he looked the epitome of bad boy and we had one hell of a time getting all kinds of tangled up in each other. After Slam had passed my number onto P.S not sweet he called me up and we spoke on the phone for two hours! Now it all soiunds rather smooth sailing. The thing is our first date started out disasterously. I remember being so nervous i'd barely eaten a thing all day. Then when we got there I barely said two words too him. Yep I was painfully shy. P.S not sweet if you're reading this do you remember taking me out into the stair well and asking me if I really wanted to be there? And my blurting out that I was shy? Ooooh dear. After that it went a heap loads better. God he used to make me feel like a myriad of butterflies had set up residency in my stomach when I saw him.

I'm going to spill the story behind the nickname i've given him in this blog. P.S not sweet is in actual fact very sweet and I used to tell him so, which of course he did not like I suppose it'd be like calling a cage fighter cute and fluffy in retrospect hahaha. And whilst he looked like the ultimate bad boy he had a heart of gold
Its very rare that I reveal my smushy side but here a few snippets and favourite memories and keep this under your hat but i'm a bit of a romantic heart(i'm sure at least one of you reached for a sick bucket then but meh lol) kisssing him in the rain...every girl deserves a Breakfast at Tiffanys moment (you know the rain moment if not watch it) thats just the tip of the iceberg. One night we were out the club we'd met in and he started blowing bubbles from his smiley keyring and said that I ''desrevedd to be surrounded by bubbles like a beautiful fairy'' and yes you really did say that. And when I had a seveere allergic reaction to hair dye and my face was all swollen, my scalp all scabby and pussing from the dye burns he didn't see an ugly mess he just saw me and in fact he even helped me wash my hair.
On valentines day when he handed me a cd case I was blown away. I thought he'd done a compilation of my favourite songs it was only when i'd put the cd in I realised he'd written me a song!!! And not a cheesey love song either a real love song. Everything from vocals, guitar to drum line wow! I still to this day remember the lyrics in the chorus but i'm being selfish with that memory and don't want to share it. Its the best gift i've recieved.
The first time we had sex we'd waited about two months before having actual sex...we'd pretty much done everything else and honestly it was so worth the wait by that point I had feelings going on for him so I think aided in making the most explosive sex. P.S not sweet was the first person I properly experimented with kink with it gave me an even bigger thirst for it, the more I fell for him the more intense and wild the sex got;-)
I'm not huge on material things but I do keep things that are important to me I have two memory boxes filled with train tickets, cards and even pistachio nut shells from dates, friends or journey's i've been on. I still have the birthday card he gave me and the handmade valentines card, the pics I took of him for my photography project some where in those boxes and the japanese stress relief balls which are in their little fabric box on my windowsill.

See mine and P.S not sweet's relationship might not have been everyones ideal but fuck it it worked for us. We saw each other at weekemnds and called during the week. We were two very creative and passionate people. Some would describe it as tempestuous, me well we were firey, and passionate and sure ok i'll admit it on occasion tempestuous but we argued about real shit, that was fueld by feeling...things that mattered. Back then almost 9 years ago I was a totally different person. I was so pissed off with the world and those that knew me back then would probably say I had every right to be. P.S not sweet taught me a valuable let people in once and awhile, and to trust them. Do you remember that december?....thank you.

I know people say that when you look back at previous relationships we dop so with rose tinted glasses on...not me never have done, I remember the great times and I remember the bad, the bad being my utter refusal to meet his parents (i was shit scared that they wouldn't like me) and the hideous halloween in TJs, when we first saw each other after we broke up and had a raging argument because of some bullshit my supposed friend had said (incidently I havn't spoken to her since apart from a curt hello) which resulted in my best friend picking me up to remove me and my lobbing my phone under the oncoming wheels of a transit van. Fuck me I swear we made the earth shake that night.

If you're wondering why on earth we still arn't together, this is why. We'd argue every time i'd bring up going to uni in Manc land since I moved from the shire when I was 15 my aim was to head back north for uni, i'd wanted to finish of my tec and then get a degree in Manc land in fine art. I couldn't see why he got so upset/ pissed off about it at the time all I could see was a lack of support. I never once stopped to see it from his point of view...that it would be turning our relationship upside down and into a long distance one, and it was a struggle to see each other as it was. I guesse I was pretty selfish back then. I was so cross. I broke up with him and honestly I regretted it the second the words crashed out of my mouth. But I couldn't take them back no matter how hard I tried as he wouldn't let me. So when I anhillated his heart I obliterated my own at the same time, i've never been much of a cryer but fuck me I cried for two weeks solid after. Whilst I regreted it at the time and for a long time after, I don't think I do now. Back then my life could've turned out so differently. See with P.S not sweet I wanted it all, all of the conventional things, to go to uni, to have a career in art, get married, pop out some sprogs. But I think breaking up saved us a whole other world of heart ache down the line as over the years my opinions and what I want from life have changed radically. Someone asked me the other day how old I was my reply of 26 got me this response ''you should be married by now'' pfffffft and that ''you just havn't met the right one yet''. In truth I don't think i'll ever meet anyone that might make me question my views on 'settling down'' and second of all I did meet the right one I just chose to set him free. And he's happy as am i. Whilst settling down might be for some people like I say ivarious blogs its really not for me. I'm a lone soul baby.

Hope you're all having a rad week if you like it can you tick the reaction boxes and pass it on to your friends its so I can gage if your still enjoying my random ramblings of debauchery XOXO Kinky Cupcake

Monday, 9 May 2011

4 in a bed

Hey lovely people so hows your week been? Mine's been full of laughter with a high note of mischief and mayhem on the weekend but before I dish the goss, I just want to point something out that occured to me whilst turning to a clean page to start drafting this up, all of my blogs in total (thirteen posts) roughly equate to 1/4 of a books worth, can you believe it. Ever since I wrote my first erotic short story for P.S not sweet at 18 i've wanted to write a book. My goal was to be a published author by the age of 21 and whilst I have had a few pieces of poetry published(i signed of on the first proof a week before my 21st birthday) its really not the same thing. So why havn't I written a book? They say everyone has at least one book in them. Honestly I think its because I lack the dicipline and attention spann thats required, the same way I am with guys applies to my creative pursuits...the buzz wheres off and commitment makes me run a mile. I have in all fairness though been sticking with my blog since I started writing it back in feb so maybe thats I sign to give the whole book thing a whirl I do have an idea and its one where I can utilise my blog (the contents of my life) without it becoming an erotica. I'll keep you updated if I decide to go ahead with it...

Right time to get down to my weeks adventures and of course the juicy stuff. Friday was an all rounder of a suck fest and i'm not referring to an orgy of cock sucking...alas it was a shitty day for the House of Naughtyness, I won't go into the whys and what happened and stuff but I will say this; at one point I contemplated taking a swig of my female besties Archers and energy drink concoction. So what do I do when when my friends and I are bummed out...i make ''feel good'' cupcakes. My strawberry delights are becoming a favourite at the house of naughty tasy little treats to boost morale although I recon its more attributed to the Wooooooohooooo! Sugar rush more than anything hahah. There was a general feeling of bummed outness in the air anyway due to my male bestie leaving the following morning:-( he's only been gone for 3days and we miss him terribly.

Now I know since he made his first appearance King Tart has been quite popular(well acccording to the stats which have spiked) but this will be his final appearance in my blog due to him making himself unpopular with me. Despite reading my blog he's obviously not been absorbing any of it and what I mean specifically by that is this, anyone reading my blog should have a vague idea as to what i'm like e.g straight forward with a zero tolerance for games unless of course they're of the kinky variety. He say's he's not looking for commitment and it makes him run a mile...i've said it countless times here and via text that I don't want to date him and that i'm just looking for a regular shag, you know on friends how Joey dosn't share food, well Kinky Cupcake dosn't share like sharing that good you generally want it on a regular basis. So instead of answering my rather blunt question of ''do you want to be my regular shag or not'' which is a simple enough question to answer as oppossed to simply avoiding it/fobbing me off with i'll text you later like King Tart. Jesus men don't half play silly games...i will not crumble if a guy rejects me or says the word no. As there's plenty of drool inducing handsome men out there that like to say yes! Anyway I have wasted enough of this blog wittering on about King Tart.

Now on to the really good stuff. On saturday night I bumped into a guy i'll call Flirty Star. He's seriously gorgeous and whilst I might not give to much away about his physical attributes I will say this, he's got gorgeous eyes, a cheeky smile, strong jaw, a seriously hot body and his accent does it for me. I met Flirty Stars about 8 months ago. We did the facebook and digits swap and have flirted on and off ever since except we never managed to make it to fucksville together. Saturday was his last night in this city what better way to say goodbye than with a fuck;-) I've got to be honest i'd been working in terrential rain all night and looked a soggy mess. Nice to know some guys go for the wet and dishevelled look haha. Before we headed back to mine Flirty stars introduced me to his friend (seriously hot too) and asked me if I knew any hot single girls I could set him up with. At that moment I hoped that my new housemate would not launch something at me if I woke her up. In all fairness if my housemate had a pulled a honey and had arrived home with his hot friend for me i'd be well pleased. Now i'm not entirely sure how this happened but 3became 5 not that I mind as they're all nice chaps actually strapping young lads is a more appropriate turn of phrase ummm actually make that hench. So I gave my new house mate a knock and thankfully she shares the same view point as I do but unfortunately she wasn't feeling very well. When you're feeling rougher than a beavers vag not even the hottest of guys will make you feel better.
Ummmmm what do you do when you have 3 handsome men in your living room?(the 4th gent has a lady and fell asleep on the couch) and theres only one of you? Thats right you contemplate a foursome...well if you're me you do. Theres only one reason that I didn't want to go for it and that is this, theres being a bit slutty and then theres being an out and out ho skanky pants and whilst I fully embrace ''free love'' or the more modern/fitting phrase ''fucking around'' I do not embrace being a whore who wants to be that girl. Given that there were only two sleeping options, the kitchen floor and my room. I had to evict two of Flirty Stars friends from my bed being that I wasn't planning on having sex with Flirty Stars mates watching haha. With them safely out of the room Flirty Stars and I stripped off. He seemed very experienced and knew his way around, clitoris check, G spot check, nice light touch check, great in bed and made me come check check! Flirty Stars was hot as fuck in bed and it reiterated my point that age dosn't make someone good in bed its their experience that does. After a quick cigarette we went to get the boys. I wasn't going to let them sleep on the floor. So some how all of us managed to fit in my bed admittedly we all had to spoon. And naturally I had to take the edge of the bed because I pee alot and secondly because of my claustrophobia. So with Flirty Stars spooning me and the light off we settled down to sleep 5mins later Flirty was giggling and was telling one of the boys to stop tickling him. A few minutes later he pipes up ''stop tickling my bum'' hahaha (and nope it wasn't me doing it haha) unbeknownst to his friends Flirty had his hand between my legs...god its incredibly hard to keep quiet when it feels soooooo goooood I bit down on my lip so hard I thought I was going to draw blood.

I've been chatting to Flirty and his mates (not just the ones that stayed at my house but the others I see on the weekend) for about 8months on the weekends and i'm going to miss them when they leave. Because I know Blonde Irish said to me one night that I boost their morale on the weekend because i'm always so smiley. But truth be told they boost mine too if i'm having a shitty night in work having a quick chat and a giggle with them usually turns my night around. Whether its Blonde Irish, Flirty Stars or Welshy and co.

Also on saturday night me and a guy I think is a honey swapped;-)

Things i'm loving right now
The strawberry cupcakes I made
The thunder and lightening storm we had Friday
Uni-ball signo pens that I use to write my blog yes I know very geeky of me hahah

Things i'm not liking at all
That my male bestie will be in Kos for 6months
That my cat is still missing :'(
That magazines send out mixed messages e.g love yourself for how you are closely followed a few pages after by articles on how to get a flat stomach or the latest diet.
Hope you all have an awesome week.
stay kinky Kinky Cupcake XOXO

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Cockaholic weekend

Hey lovely people so hows your week been? Mine has been pretty awesome. One of my best friends arrived back in the UK on friday having spent 6(looooong) months away working in the swis alps. It always sucks when he leaves but we all look forward to his return. My luscious male bestie is so much fun to be around, his energy is contagious. So glad you're back darling! I love how the three of us just pick up where we left off as if no time has elapsed what so ever. He's only back for a week before he jets off to do his summer season in Cos. Today the three of us went for coffee. The effects of a long and sleep deprived weekend making us feel like zombies(i'll get to wwhat we got upto in a mo) So with yummylicious drinks in hand we sat outside and successfully mananged to scare on of the local crazies away who sat next to us and overheard our conversation about how bongoo(spunk) is really good for you skin with my little quip about how silky smooth my ass had felt after being ''Iced'' with a load at which point the crazy man got up and moved to the cafe down the road. This week has been full of laughter and the people of the city are (a) probably campaigning to get us slapped with an asbo for being so crude in public hahah and (b) think we are crazy.

Ladies and gents of a weak disposition I advise you to stop reading here because lets put it this way when my gynaecologist opens me up tomorrow and has a peak she's probably going to take one look up there and think, well someone got alot of cock this weekend hahah (just to clarify it was for cervical screening not an STI check i'm team condoms) i've been sore all day. On saturday night I finished early...quite a novel experience being done by 12 so after a quick dash home to freshen up and to ditch my works clothes I went and met up with my besties in one of our favourite clubs nice to know where all the honey's in this city hang out. Its funny that we didn't end up going home with the people we went out with that night (each other) whilst we were laughing about 'North Pole' and 'South Pole' an acquaintance of mine popped over to say hi. I'll call hime Pecks Charming ladies he is a hottie, blue eyes, gorgeous smile and well built. Within minutes of chatting we were making out...its been awhile since i've pulled under normal circumstances e.g Pulling in a club as oppossed to ''Yeah add me on facebook'' then arranging to hook up. Pecks Charming invited me on to another club with my two besties chorusing ''Yeah go to____with him'' whilst frisking my handbag for condoms and shouting ''he's going to see your south pole done in the voice of the gingerbread man from Shrek hahaha. One club, one hour and one piggy back ride later we were back at mine. My female bestie stuck her head out of the window and when I asked he if she had our other bestie in her room and and discovering that she had Loreal boy in there who refused at first to come to the window and say hi on account of his being naked and all my bestie and I both approved of each others hook ups hahah. Theres no two ways about it ladie's Pecks charming is smokin' hot naked, seriously ripped in the guy in the Calvin Klein add kind of way with a face to match and kudos pretty good in bed too. There was only one sticky moment which had to do with the angle of my pelvis and a thrust, I seriously should give guys a heads up about my insides being all the wrong way as the look on their faces when I squealin pain is so bad when that could be avoided by my simply just saying about it.

Honestly i'm not going to lie here i've been a total slutty pants this weekend. On sunday night after I finished work I hooked up with King Tart, I had just enough time to ditch my granny panties(actually cute briefs that don't give me a wedgie when i'm working hahah) and ladies and gents this second hook up went alot more smoothly than the start of the first one, despite his insistance that we watch Streetmate and my wowing at the guy on there with a Mo' which elicited ''i'm not your type at all am I'' response from King Tart. I said exactly what I say in my To fuck or not to fuck blog ''I don't have a type'' sure King Tart and I are polar opposites i'm punky/rockabilly, tattooed and pierced and he's tattoo and piercingless and is trendy looking(great taste in shoes though...converse very nice) see he say's he go's for girls with tattoos and piercings. Does anyone else see where i'm going with this?...Opposites attract.

Ok ladies and gents you know how some people will kiss you but need to do some other stuff to really get your juices flowing? Well when King Tart kisses me its like Niagra falls has taken a little holiday to inside my pants i'm not even joking. Like when we were lead on my bed he was teasing me...which I like...alot. He slipped his fingers inside my g-string his fingers grazing my bush ( my neatly trimmed lawn rather) causing amoan to escape from my lips do you want to know what he said he said i've not even touched you yet. Earth calling King Tart you get me slick as fuck just by kissing me what do you think having your fingers an inch away from my clit is going to do to me lol
By the time we got naked i'd slipped into my goooorgeous heels( leopard print platforms from office j'taime) I like a guy that likes my heels as much as I do. Fuck me he's good in bed in fact the best i've had (don't let that go to your head slut bag I like that you're not a cocky douche) i've never come so much from session before some of the highlights that get me slick and get my heart racing when I think about them
Kissing him then biting his earlobe, him biting my neck and pulling my hair, when he first slides his cock inside me, revelling in the pleasure and getting fucked seven sides of sunday. Sucking his dick and hearing ''don't make me come yet'' which in my opinion translates as ''great head''Being lead on my bed, looking over my shoulder and admiring the hell out of the view in fact it would make one hell of dirty i'm lead on my bed, my legdangling off the bed in my heels, King Tart is behind me holding my g-string out of the way and sliding in to my pussy. I've got to say the contrast of my milky white ass and his golden torso was pretty fucking stunning. However my favourite memory of that night was when we were fucking up against my bedroom door so hard (and loud) I pulled my poster of the door when I came. Then being up against the wall whilst he he finger fucked me and having to hold onto him after I came as if I hadn't i'd have ended up on the floor as my legs had turned to mush. Turns out I can't walk well in heels after a few orgasms haha.

The second hook up with King Tart, not only was it even hotter than the first time but I actually think he's quite sweet even if he is a total dick :-P lol for teasing me about sleeping with the light on. I told my besties about the convo that ensued after his asking me to turn the light off and they were pissing themselves especially at the biit where i'd told him that he could go sleep on the couch if he didn't stop teasing me about it or like it for that matter hahah And when I pointed out that ''i'm not scared of the dark, just of my room in the dark there is a difference hahah. Ummm I get defensive when i'm embarrassed who knew lol. I like it when he metaphorically ''pulls my pigtails'' and non metaphorically for that matter haha.

Honestly whilst I enjoyed both experiences with Pecks Charming and King Tart over the weekend. I'm feeling a bit slutty and not in the good way King Tarts comment about how i'd only had another guys dick in me a few hours before and calling me a whore no less is eating at me a bit. As I don't do one night stands usually(pulling Pecks Charming on saturday night) In all honesty i'd rather just be fucking King Tart. Is it possible that I Kinky Cupcake is perhaps a bit sweet on a guy that is as big a slut bag/player as she is? The answer to that folks is rather annoyingly yes. Now the only reason I say annoyingly there is because when I text King Tart saying that instead of fucking other blokes that i'd much rather just be fucking him the inevitable happend, I didn't get the response that I wanted in fact I didn't get a response at all i'm less irrated by his not responding the context of the text and more so that a lack of reply is just bad manners. Ladie's and gents don't misconstrue this as my wanting to date King Tart for starters given the two factors of my work pattern and that I like my own space during the week it would be impossible. I was merely saying he innstead of me spreading my legs for other guys and instead of you putting your dick in other girls how about we just fuck each other and maybe sticking around for breakfast and hanging out on sunday for a bit. Ahhh well.

Things i'm loving
Hanging out with my besties I love you both ''hey you wanna see my south pole'' hahaha
The Gingerbread body wash by the Pink Cow it smells yummy, is paraben free and not tested on animals, (they sell their range in Boots, Vanilla biscuit and Coconut cream are really scrumptious smelling too.
Yeo honey greek style yogurt good for you and your face( not sure if its as good as a ''facial from your man'' on the skin but it sure smells alot better)
The Truth about Melody Browne by Lisa Jewel its not chick lit it's beautifully written and ladies do not read at the time of your month as it'll have you crying your eyes out(speaking from experience)
Being a chick we get to play with make up...good times

Things i'm hating right now
That my cat still has not returned uncle thinks something has had him :'(
That my male bestie is leaving again on friday:'( for 6 months to work in cos

On that note lovely people i'm going to leave it there I hope you all have an awesome week stay kinky
Kinky Cupcake XOXO