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Monday, 21 March 2011

Dirty girl

Hey lovely people sorry i've been a little lax on writing, it's been a busy couple of weeks. I've started painting again. I picked up some fresh tubes of acrylics and fresh canvas, and had at it. Its funny how smells transport you back in time. The smell of the paint gave me flash backs to my college days...when everything was still new and an adventure waiting to happen and fueld by teenage angst. Its been fun going back to my creative roots I like the texture of paint its oddly sensual. I've completed one full piece which I spent 8hours doing its a 50s pin-up chick with vones and fuschia roses. The second which is half done is a self portrait, which believe it or not was inspired by a pot of coral nail paint and the Blake poem 'The Tyger' which could turn out well. I've also come up with some cupcake recipes to try and designed a revamp for a pair of shoes that i've worn all of once, just need to get a glue gun and have at it.

I made a discovery in the bedroom on friday night but i'll come back to that in a minute. For those of you that are wondering if I found out who Mr Anonymous is the answer is yes but not until I humiliated myself by asking wboy if it was him or not *cringe* and *double cringe* for telling him that I was hoping that it was him that had left it. Needless to say ladies and gents my sexy underwear remains to be seen by him but that has nothing to do with the above in fact he was most sweet about it. I suspect that the reasons the total hottie that is wboy has nothing to do with my personal life you all know how I like to compartmentalize my life so I won't be wroiting about it. It is a shame as I feel like a college student with a crush when he messages me you know like a swarm of butterflies has taken up residency in my stomach, so id've bet that the sex would've been explosive. Alas and c'est la vie.

I also got chatted up by a guy that looks like a younger Nikki Sixx (bassist in Motley Crue) ummmm long hair, innocent blue eyes and brazen flirt, puurrrrrr kitty. That was inbetween the 'mr anonymous' debacle and the recent turn of events. Last week I gave up cock for lent and an old friend bet that I would last all of 20 minutes. That ladies and gents came from a man that dated me for 8months thus knows me very well and well enough to know that I wouldn't last.
Valentine and I have broken the 'we're not fuck buddies' thing, but first things first. After torturing myself about my behaviour for the duration of thursday night and all day friday, Valentine came round for a cup of tea, I count my blessings that I have such great friends V not only listened whilst I tortured myself some more about my behaviour on thursday night he also managed to cheer me up and make me laugh.

When I got home from work later that night I was pretty damn happy to find a text from Valentine waiting for me and even happier when I called him he said he was already on his way to mine as I was still realing from someone fabricating a story about me and was in dire need of man sized hugs and sorry ladies but i'm sure some of you will agree, when you're feeling crappy sometimes only man sized hugs from your guy mates are the best remedy, and kudos V, mate you give them good. To cut to the chase after V climbing through the window, kissing my lipstick off and doing that holding me up with one hand thing(which I still find immensly horny) we went through to my room where I made the discovery, drum roll please............................................................I found out that I actually like dirty talk it transpires that it has to be kinky dirty talk as oppossed to the 70s porno talk. I also discovered that I like having my hair pulled just lightly its more about the firmness of the grip that gets me. I had the best shag ever! The build up of filth definitely had a huge amount to do with the spectacular orgasm I had. Everything from being stroked lightly and feeling each of my nerve endings tingling, the light hair pulling, giving V head, then the dirty talk came whilst he was busy making my ass cheeks rosey. As I mention above i'm not normally a huge fan of dirty talk(sure i'm a huge fan of sexting and cyber sexing via IM and email) but this was soooo hot. There was one thing in particular that Valentine said that elicited a cringe like response but at the same time turned me on sooo much and made me want him to make my cheeks even more red. A short while later I was having the best shag ever and reaching orgasmic oblivion harder and faster than before and I thoroughly enjoyed every last minute of it. Admittedly I don't think the neighbours enjoyed hearing me shouting oh my fucking god at the top of my voice *Note to self do not complain about their music anymore fairs fair* at 3 in the morning.

My to do list this year.
Learn to drive
Do a cake decorating course
Do something incredibly ambitious even if its totally out of reach, like send a link to my blog to all of the major glossies to see if they'll give me a job

Things i'm loving right now(other than my mates dick)
That my best friend seems happier
Walking home in the rain and still not caring that my hair will get messy
That spring is here
My new 50's style sunnies
The Son's of Anarchy box set(swoon Charlie Hunnam half naked on a Harley what more could a girl want umm I wonder if I ask Santa nicely i'll get him for christmas lol)

Things i'm not liking at all right now
Thats i'm too old to be day dreaming about the big adventure
People that lie(to me, about me or to each other)
That I still don't know what I want to do with my life
That I can't have pets at my current place(i miss my ninja kitty Motley or having a pooch)
That womens self defense isn't been taught in sixth form or college

A quick end note, my next blog will be about reclaiming the night recently there was a rclaim the night rally that I couldn't attend due to work. It will be my opinions and views on what this country could do to prevent violent crimes against women because lets face it there are things that could be done and pepper spray is illegal over here.

Have a lovely evening and thank you all for reading according to my stats its turning out to be a hit.
Kinky Cupcake xoxoxo


  1. Fuckin hell claud your awesome! Xx

  2. Thanks babe:-) glad you're enjoying it xx