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Tuesday, 22 February 2011

This is dedicated to Nigel 'Fish' Rees

I feel in part like I don't have the right to write about Nige as I only knew him for a short period of time. But then I thought fuck it, Nigel had a huge impact on my life. For those of you that never had the pleasure of knowing him, he was a one of a kind character, sweet, kind and vibrant and always had the time of day for me.

For years I saw him around the village, but it wasnt until I was working at the Rising sun for Paddy, that I got to know him. Its hard to find words to describe Nige I mean yesi described him above but they're are no words that do him justice that truly describe what an awesome bloke he was. I wish i'd gotten to know him sooner. Anyone who asks who that cool cat is in the picture frame atop my cd case is I tell them about him, my favourite memories. Which i'll share with you in a moment. I owe a massive thank you to Mr Rees as I learned a very important live life!
From the stories i've heard and the photo albums he showed me and the rest of the rising sun gang one night after a stop in at the pub was that Nigel lived life, he took it by the balls and lived it, he did things, went places experienced life in all its muticoloured glory. He wasn't scared to live it. I realised I was. And that I wasn't living my life like I was just a spectator in mine watching it unfurl on a vcr I wasn't prepared to be the lead character in my own show. I used to tell myself I tried to make changes but I didn't try hard enough. And those of you that know me well in wales will recall numerous occasions where I said i'd do stuff but never did.

Until august 2009 I was working for my friend Steve who kindly gave me a job after I left blue banana, my contract was coming to an end and I thought sod it, I reapplied to bb and got a job in their Exeter store. I think my friends were shocked. I had two weeks to pack up my shit, find a place to live and get to Ex to start work on the 1st sept.
I nearly wussed out on two occasions I knew i'd miss my friends something chronic but i'm glad I didn't change my mind. I realised if I put my mind to something things can change plus in a warped way I felt my pride was at stake so no matter how much I wanted to back out on saturday night I couldn't. I always figured i'd end up doing something like that you know being the one out of the group that just ups and leaves on her itchy feet.

When I look back at the year and a half since leaving Wales I see how much I have changed and grown as a person and for the most part its for the better. Whether its just silly little things like having 3/4 of my head shaved(sorry Ninja I know the pact was i'd get a mo but it was close enough) or taking a kick boxing lesson, or the bigger stuff like having a boyfriend, getting a new job or finally taking a course. I did it I took a leap of faith and took my life by the gonads. Carpe diem and all that. Theres been some profound emotional changes too, my temper has mellowed out an insane amount the only super bad flare up I can recall is when I tried to put my laptop through a wall.
I also have more confidence and self esteem, I don't hesitate to approach guys i'm not shy or scared of being myself. Either find my accident prone clumsyness endearing or buggar off lol. I feel comfortable in my own skin here.

I wrote this blog to illustrate the changes i've made in my life and dedicated it Nigel because he was an amazing person. My favourite memory of him, me and some of the boys had gone back to Nige's after a stop in at the sun, he put the Ace of Spades on and blasted it, I remember sitting on his couch with some of the boys and just being mesmorised he stood near the stereo in his black boots, leather jacket and pork pie hat with his eyes closed singing along with Lemmy. I remember bumping into him one day and complimented him on his jacket he said he'd tied it to a lead and dragged it along the ground to get it beat up looking. I also remember my friend Pez telling me to ask Nige about a photo he's shown him and that I should ask Nige if I could see it too i've got to be honest to this day its the coolest picture i've seen. It was a picture of Nige all in black looking like Sid Viscious stood on top of a big burned out black car next to the Berlin wall which was covered in mad colourful graffiti. I think Nigel was a punk rock star in his own right. I'll leave it there for now. RIP Nige and Lucy

Monday, 21 February 2011

Anyone for tea and cock

This past week has been one hell of a ride...quite literally ;-)
Since Valentines day, Valentine and I have hooked up on a couple of occasions and both times i've been walking round with the cat that got the cream look and ok i'll admit it, walking a bit like John Wayne. Yesterday we spent an hour or so texting filth to each other, then when I was on the phone to home there was a knock at the door, and there was Valentine. See having a fuck buddy in the same city as me has its perks, I like spontaneity. And V showing up on my doorstep was a welcomed surprise(even if I looked like crap sunday's are my no make-up and pjs day) so after a quick cup of tea I got cock.
I like how he and I are on the same page not only when it comes to this arrangement of being mates that shag, but in the respect of the fact that we're both dirty as fuck in the bedroom and kinky;-) one of the best things I recall him saying to me after he kissed me when i'd just given him head was that I tasted like his cock. You bet I do V.

We also discussed having a managé trois. A few years ago when I was 19 I dated a guy I'll call bon jovi I suggested a threesome he was up for it. A few day's later we were in TJ's and i pointed out a chick that i'd seen around at the club she's a beauty. That night i went upto her and asked if she'd be up for it, she checked with her partner who said it was a no go. I was little dissapointed but no where near as dissapointed as i was when my boyfriend dumped me to pursue her. Sent her flowers no less too hahaha.

Being that Valentine and i are just fuck buddies there's no chance of getting stung like that.
So i'm open to things like this these experiences are better to experience when its with a shag pal. I've kissed a few chicks and sorry for sounding like Katy Perry but i liked it, however i'm not sure how much of a horn licking pussy would give me. Valentine pointed out that i could use my strap on, Fucking some hot chick with V's dick in my mouth sounds like a win win situation to me. Any of my gorgeous Welsh/south west ladies fancy it? Inbox me/text me if you're interested(and ladies Valentine is a smoking hottie i can't describe him in here as it'll give him away) He and i will also be perusing a site that we are both on for a honey. I'll keep you updated.

Things i'm liking right now

The fact that V makes as much of an effort to hook up with me as i do with him
Flirting...its clinically proven to be good for you and i flirted alot last week.
That occhoppers is being shown on freeview hellz yeah
That my best friend in Wales is coming down for a visit
The rain

Thing's i'm not liking right now

My constant toothache...fuck the fuck off
That i've lost more weight than i thought i now have a 24 and a half inch waist wtf!
That i had to eject someone that i thought was my friend from my life. Its a prime example as to why most of my friends have penises

Right on that note i'm going to go finish my coffee. Also lovely people i worked out why you were unable to post comments its rectified now

Friday, 18 February 2011

Why I prefer to shag my arse off than date, i'm a tiger not a gibbon

People often ask me why I don't date anymore. My reasons well the main reason is perceived as outlandish, alien, and the other reasons are often met with shock duue to hearing it from a woman or a sympathetic nod as in yep i've been there.
So as promised in my first blog i'm going to reveal why I don't date.
I'll start with the core reason.
I don't believe that humans are meant to mate for life, it's that simple, considering we're the most advanced species on the planet we don't half wear blinkers when it comes to our mating/shacking up habits. Society and religion dictates to us from the get go whats expected of us, we're born, we get an education, a good career, we meet someone, get married, and reproduce. This notion is archaic. There's very little evidence to suggest we mate for life, however there is evidence to substantiate my theory...its everywhere, whether in my own life, newspapers, tv, or girly magazines ''so and so's getting divorced, such and such found cheating with prostitute/bestfriends husband etc.

I've done some research on the subject and came across a few juicy facts

Only 3% of the 4,000 species of mamals actually do mate for life and us homo sapiens arn't one of them
Wolves and Gibbons do mate for life
Big cats such as Tigers and Cheetahs don't
45% of marriages end in divorce
In Sweden its a whooping 64%

The secondary reasons why I don't date are as follows
I'm a bonefide commitment phobe, the second it becomes real I start to feel claustrophobic and i'm out of there
I have two choices, The good guy or the bad guy two guesses which type I choose.
I get bored too quickly, I need the passion, explosiive fireworks sex when it starts to dissipate i'm gone.
I don't think i'll ever meet a guy that will make me want to stand still for more than 5 minutes, let alone share my bed with day in and day out.
Only a few guys have made me reconsider dating. Canada boy being the main example

Canada boy and I spoke online for 10 months i'm not talking and hour or so i'm talking 3-7 hours a day. It occured to me and him that chemistry like ours was a very raare thing and something we'd be stupid to ignore, I started to doubt my theories. So 3months in we agreed to meet, I never thought i'd be that girl you know the chick that guys fly half way across the world to meet. It was the worse possible timing for both of us his business was taking off annd I was busy with work and courses. So months after of us agreeing to meet he still hadn't given me a date or booked his ticket so come december I gave him an ultimatum either set a date and book a ticket or I was done. After him finally explaining what the hell had been stopping him we both made the agreement that whoever saved the dollar first would fly out. If i'd found a secondary job i'd have been there in two months. But apparently I wasn't worth the wait. He started dating someone. I mean sure i've spent alot of the last year fucking my arse off but sex is just sex and nothing more but dating is another ball game. Him doing so is him saying I don't want you.
I'm kicking myself for being so foolish to have even entertained the possibilty of dating again. To be fair he did me a favour.
So what I got my fingers burned I always did love playing with fire. I just won't be making the mistake again.

I'll stick with doing what I know great head and fucking my arse off.

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Get your undies out

So how was everyones february 14th? Regardless of whether or not you're coupled up or single I hope you had a good one. Instead of travelling to London and trying to get to Chelsea via cancelled tubes in the rain for work like last year mine was very relaxed, I chilled with friends, watched a film and got some action too, I won't say who with as nice girls don't fuck and tell, I will however say this he is super hot and it was great. So all in all a very good valentines.
I got to thinking last night about underwear. The majority of mine is plain bra's and comfy knickers who wants a thong grating their bum crack when they're just off to the shop for a litre of milk not me for sure. Also in general when I bloke gives me his number, when I pull, or the spontaneous pop round and hang out visits i'm usually wearing the comfy pants whether its my super awesome Wonder woman(although Sheerah is way cooler) Y fronts or the little Topshop stripey numbers, those appear to be what i'm wearing when I get lucky. It also occured to me that I never seem to get the top draw stuff out when I have a fuck buddy visiting which baffles me to no end for two reasons the first being this, sex is a sensual thing and after the initial hook up and frantic get naked and fuck, its about exploring and lots of foreplay I love dressing up and think its a vital part. The second reason is that I love seeing a guys reaction too it, the look on his face as I peel off my clothes to reveal stockings and suspender's etc and the obvious stiffening in his pants.
I can think of one guy in particular that i'd really like to dress up for as I have a feeling he'd appreciate the hell out of it, and I mean the cream of the crop not my La senza set(which is super dreamy)

See i've never been one for spending an obscene amount of dollar on bra's and pants corsets and heels is what I go all out on. Hands up those of you who can recall seeing me in a pair of heels this year, and I don't mean my cute heeled brogues I mean proper heels. Exactly no hands up.
High heels cane my feel alas I love them so, they hurt because I have bad feet and three titanium bolts in one. But mainly its because heels are not meant for walking in were made for the bedroom well at least mine were ahhhh soooo pretty.

Things that i'm loving right now
That my awesome best friend loved the birthday cupcakes I made her.
My new Kreepsville 666 handbag check out
The Runaways song I love playing with fire check out The Runaways film its awesome
That i've seen the first signs of spring, buds on the trees and plant growing in the gutter ourside my house

Things i'm not liking right now

The fact that Olave and Greg arn't here we miss you <3<3<3
That my body no longer understands the concept of a decent nights sleep 6 hours is unacceptable fuck knows why i'm waking up so early.
People that shit stir... Not cool I didnt ask therefore I don't want to know so put down the wooden spoon or stay away from me
That I burnt some of my hair with my straightners and its still a frizzy mess.

On that note lovely people i'll bid you adieu until next time a nap is calling me

Tuesday, 8 February 2011


I would like to point out before telling this story, that I did get mans consent to write about our adventure, providing that I don't describe him in a way that would give his identity away as kinks should be kept between fuck buddies, therefore I will refer to him as the wanderer. He is gorgeous of smoking hot perportions, dynamite in bed and has one of the nicest asses i've ever seen. The last time we saw each other he refused to fuck me straight away leaving me stewing in my own juices so too speak for hours, admittedly i'm a huge fan of being teased and left simmering oooooh orgasm denial ummm. So by the time our clothes were strewn all over my room, I thought that when I slid down onto his rock hard dick that I would come the instant he touched my G spot. You see sex with the wanderer is pretty explosive i'm surprised the neighbours havn't come round and told him to eiither gag me or sugggest that I invest in some form of sound proofing, apart from being great in bed he's also adventurous in bed hooray for me!

Alot of men are very nervo?us about approaching the subbject which i'm about to talk about, I find it quite sweet yet unnecessary their nerves that is as i'm very open minded and unfazed by most kinks. And plus I find it a total turn on. We both got to fullfill one of our ultimate fantasies on his last visit, not only is his ass strokable its also very very fuckable...thats right ladies and gents I had the utmost pleasure of fucking a gorgeous man in the ass with a strap on. When it arrived it was hard to tell who was more excited, sorry sweetcheeks but it was so me ;-) so with a generous amount of lube and I deviant smile slowly fucked him.
It was horny as fuck and have never seen anyone quite so turned on. I mean sure I wasn't in full Dom regalia corset and heels etc, throwing terms such as ''whos my dirty bitch'' ummm maybe next time ey sweetcheeks? I feel that adding the kink factor would've been too intense being that it was a first time for both of us and perhaps a bit of a head fuck for him. Ummm maybe next time ey sweetcheeks. I wouldn't change a thing about that experience it was hot as hell and amazing. I also realised that guys have the short end of the stick so to speak because it is hard as fuck to navigate in and out of a hole whilst maintaining rythm us ladies have it is sliding up and down and a bit of thrusting etc piece of cake in comparrison hahaha.

Now as much as I love giving anal, i've never has a strong desire to be on the recieving end as far as i've gone is a finger and being rimmed but that experience is sitting on a shelf at the back of mind labled never do again. It does nothing for me in fact I can't understand a guys fascination with giving it its not really that taboo personally I think a guy wanting to recieve it is far more taboo and far more erotic than the former. And besides lads a ladies G spot is in her vajazzle not in her backside. I'm a huge fan of guys that want to recieve it...well i've always been a giver. Sweetcheeks i'll keep the strap on handy.

All of this sex talk is making me think about a guy i'll call Sin he was cool to chill out with and I have never been more turned on, whilst being fully clothed and not having sex...the mans got the kind of touch and lips that scorched a path of deliscious fire to my undies. Alas totally unobtainable.

And with that being the end note I need to go and get ready for work.

Monday, 7 February 2011

Fuck buddies

So Valentines day is rapidly approaching everything red and heart shaped is filling card windows and those annoying M & S adverts are on loop and the fact that we are single is being rubbed in our faces, no donning our red lipstick, saucy lingerie, add those heels that are worship worthy for us right? Wrong ladies do it for yourselves, or add a fuck buddy into the equations he'll appreciate the hell out of the fact you look like a glamorous 50s pin up. Being single can and should be fun, i'm not talking aboutt a string or drunken one night stands, i'm not a slut (although my best friend and I did our man math and my numbers would suggest otherwise lol). However i am pro no strings sex (condoms are an absolute must of course). I find it quite easy to seperate my feeling's from sex, the key I find to making it work is this, be HONEST. Set the boundaries. I like to meet up with a guy for a coffee or something first afterall if the chemistry is less brilliant what on earth are you going to talk about in between bouts of animalistic break furniture sex? Guys ar'nt like us they need time to recharge, Then I lay it down straight i'm not looking for anything serious etc apparently this is a huge faux pas the amount of orgasms i've had this past year say's otherwise. Also I don't cuddle sex, mainly because i'm a clicche and like to smoke afterward, but its also because when we (both dudes and ladies) orgasm oxytocin aka the cuddle/bonding/attachment hormone is released. So I don't cuddle afterwards, Rule number 2 of the fuck buddy handbook Don't get attached someone will end up getting hurt and it might not be you. You might be thinking that I sound quite cold clinical even when it comes to sex on the contrary i'm as passionate and sensual as they come I once fucked a guy who i'll call skater boy so hard and dislocated his knee and before hobbling off to the hospital on my old crutches he still carried on, but truth be told not cuddling after sex is just sensible. I don't want to get attached for reasons i'll divulge in my next blog, I do however want hot, throw me round the bedroom and fuck me to orgasmic oblivion sex with a nice chap preferably with a starter of kink thrown in for good measure too.

My ideal fuck buddy is like the two I have now The Wanderer and Colchester, A smoking hot friend that I can have steamy sex with safe in the knowledge that sex will not fuck everything up.

Things i'm liking right now
Red lipstick(brings out the glamourous side in me)
Belle Dejours books
My new hair cut
That i'm making some awesome new friends

Things i'm not liking right now
The way I treated Irish on saturday night
The article I read about Suicide whisperers (check out this months Glamour magazine just a heads up it will chill you to the bone and make you feel sick)
Winter either snow or piss off already, bring on the summer
Women the make sneering snide comments behind you instead of grabbing hold of their ovaries and saying it to my face.

Have fun ladies i'm off for a walk along the beach.