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Sunday, 20 November 2011

Mr Clit Tease and the juice on Handsome Harry

Hey lovely people so how's your week been? I feel like i've been neglecting my blog for awhile, you know aside from the occasional cursory entry when there's been a bit of note worthy man action to spill about. I suppose things have been a tad on the stressful side of things as of late for numerous different reasons but that's life though even when it looks like a bed of roses there will be the occasional time that you will get pricked by a thorn. Things feel a bit like Jenga at the moment with the house and work etc, especially work and my health, I felt like I was going to faint on Thursday night and on Friday and Saturday i've been feeling very weak and too close to fainting to the point where it scares me, after having to call in sick to work yesterday...again because of it I called nhs direct and also explained that I'd had blood tests done for a few things and they came back clear, the nurse I spoke has told me to go back to the doctors again. Miss banana has pointed out that i've been complaining of feeling faint and light headedness for some time now and that it's not normal. I've lost my appetite the last few days but regardless I'm forcing myself to eat regularly(for a skinny chick I actually eat like a horse). I'm going to cut to the chase here I don't want to discuss the mediocrity of my every day life here its boring, as most of you lovely lot that have been reading my blog for awhile now will know I generally write about my sexcapades here like a more X-rated sex in the city type of thing. Tonight I will be writing about two gents as the title would suggest, Handsome Harry and Clit Tease. One is good the other bad. Let me tell you a few things about Clit Tease ladies and gents, he is drool inducingly hot, the epitome of masculinity and Alpha male(and we all know how I like an alpha I wouldn't touch a beta male) and i've been thinking about sucking his dick like a lolly pop for the 4 or so months to the point where i've woken up wet...yep that's right wet dream hot! So why pray tell is he the one who fits under '' bad'' out of the two guys I'll be telling you about? It's simple really for the last few months we've flirted when we've seen each other around, swapped a whole host of dirty pics, vids and dirty texts indulging each other in our wank time fantasies a particularly naughty one I'd sent him involving me wearing my latex maids dress having to keep my legs spread so he could have access when ever he wanted then him fucking my mouth and shooting his load all over my latex bound tits struck a chord with him, it's one of my favourites, I'll leave the rest of the details of that wank time fantasy out as most of you will be somewhat repulsed by the ending of it haha. Clit Tease sure is a kinky one, I won't divulge too much here but suffice to say he's almost as kinky as I am, and thanks to him I have a strong desire to be caned and as those of you who read my kink blog will know that is a shocking revelation considering a short while ago the thought of the cane left me cold and with a strong desire to hide in my wardrobe should anyone so much as suggest it. So not only do I love my ass bruised I want welts on it too. I don't think ism hardcore or stupid enough to let anyone cane the palms of my hands or soles of my feet like Clit Tease wanted to do...sadistic mother fucker. In my 'Reality vs fantasy and a spot of anal play too'' blog I confess that I'd played with a small anal toy and actually enjoyed it, it has piqued my interest and ism up for exploring it further by having a cock up my ass, and after a conversation not so long ago with Clit Tease where he'd said that I don't even do anal so can't be that good well looks like he missed out on all accounts because I am that good and he missed out on taking my ass cherry...awww shame(jk) So by that last sentence you lovely lot would be right in assuming that this is where it starts to get a bit sour and the reason I'm left with a slightly bitter taste in my mouth becomes apparent. That's right after all the flirting, naughty texts, pics etc it turns out that Clit Tease is exactly that...all mouth and no action we've had ample opportunity to get our fuck on to the point where I laid it on the line and was my usual blunt self and asked him out right when exactly it was that he was going to fuck me and aside from he saying that it must be killing me to find out(i know right how smooth) and my neat retort of ''you're all mouth and no action you clearly don't have the balls to fuck me''. It's become abundantly clear that that man wouldn't know what to do with me if he'd ever had me naked within touching distance. When I pushed further for an actual answer you know an honest one, he gave ,me some bullshit reasons which I are just that you know bullshit, and a spot of bickering ensued, and I drew the obvious conclusion that the reason he's not fucked the hell out of me is because he's no longer attracted to me. Yep that stung but aside from feeling about as attractive as a swamp donkey or shrek, I feel humiliated...and I hate feeling that way. For years I tortured myself about the way I looked, I was always the ugly best mate. I thought I'd stopped giving a crap about that superficial crap and that I was comfortable in my own skin, the old self esteem has taken a bit of a bashing this month since I was told I wasn't pretty enough to dance and that I was too ordinary looking, that night ended up with me blasting whatever cd I had in the dvd player so non of my house mates could hear me crying not that I would admit that allowed to anyone other than Miss Banana or my Colombian bestie. The thing that I hate most is the fact that it was Clit Tease that I let make me feel that way someone who I thought most of the time couldn't get enough me and seemingly wanted my hand down his pants and his cock in my mouth as much as I did. I know I'm being silly but the way I look and my desirability is my achilles heel, suppose in the same way that his age is clearly his. I get chatted up on a nightly basis, i've got three models in my little black book, so I guess ism not as bad as I sometimes think I am and then of course there's Handsome Harry... Handsome Harry is of course handsome in fact he's sexy as hell in that smouldering shut up and kiss me right now kind of way, he's about 5'7 broad shouldered, muscular, great arms and has ink down both, dark hair and blue eyes. I'm going to leave out how and where we met lets just say it involved a couple of weeks of flirting and him subtly slipping me his phone number. We'd arranged to meet up the following Tuesday but fortunately for me Handsome Harry is as impulsive and spontaneous as I'm and about half an hour after texting him my number I was busy pulling clothes on to go and meet him outside a local hotel where he was staying. When I met him he went to give me a hug two seconds later we were full on making out and haphazardly walking backwards to my house that was hot, the second we're in through my bedroom and he's sat on my bed I straddle him, and kiss him some, withing minutes I'm telling him to strip off...oh my hot clothed even hotter naked, I being a total ho' for tattoos got busy checking out his ink and ok I'll admit it checking out his package....the man is blessed! Having realized that I was still fully clothed and non too happy about it, I stood right in front in front of him, peeling off my clothes until I was stood in nothing but my La Senza, one swift flick of my right hand and my bra was slithering to the floor closely followed by my thong to the welcomed approval of Handsome Harry. Two seconds and one condom later I was sliding up and down on his rock hard cock, kissing, stroking and licking awhile later, we came, fuck! I had a cigarette and as I was smoking Harry began to lick my ass hole...ummm hot alternating between licks and slapping my ass, when I'd done smoking I pushed him back on the bed kissing him, and with my decent towards his cock I kissed and stroked my way down to his crotch, licking and sucking his balls lightly then made my way back up to his lips kissing him hotly, then his neck, when he slapped my hot, and naturally it elicited the oooh moan, so he continue then he asked me to tell him what I liked I said that referring to the ass slapping then proceeded to kiss his bicep when he said ''you like having your bum smacked'' ummm hummm I replied suddenly I got all embarrassed, then he slapped my ass again and said ''do you want me to put you over my knee'' now fuck knows why this happened but I felt even more embarrassed and was trying to hide my blushes I think the fact that he was laughing(in a good natured kind of way) when he said it was why I'd gone a rather unbecoming shade of beetroot, but regardless he kept smacking my ass and in no time I was dripping between my legs, as I asked nicely for it harder the more wet I became and 5 mins later we were fucking each other seven sides of Sunday...having my ass spanked is a sure fire way to giving me spectacular orgasms its all about the endomorphines baby(protein which is released to combat pain giving you a high that's why spanking is pleasurable and the endomorphines make us feel good it is also known as flying to us spanksters) I hasn't come like that in intense! Handsome Harry is only down here for another week as he's working down here. He'll be back next week to fuck the hell and spank the hell out of me then he'll be back home to Cornwall. And ill leave it there Stay Kinky Kinky Cupcake XOXO

Sunday, 13 November 2011

kiss me,fucck me, like me, hate me bitch slap me

Hey lovely ladies and gents, I am somewhat of an agony aunt and my friends would say that I give excellent advice but that I'm pretty shit at taking my own. However that being said this time I'm asking you lovely lot what you think of this situation as I am truly confused answers either here in the comments box or on Facebook. So here's the skinny, a gent that has appeared in a few of my blogs has reared his head again. Basically after the fucking stopped and shit got sour I won't go into details here, but every time i've seen him since i've either point blank ignored him or referred to him as ''the prick'' until the Saturday of Halloween when I dressed up as the nurse from kill bill wearing a rather expensive PVC nurses dress(by Allure) and bumped into him, and the look that he was wearing on his face when he spotted me was the exact look he wore when he saw me naked for the first time and the times afterwards. So I thigh fuck it, forgive and forget and after I pointed out that I hadn't seen him in awhile he merely said that he'd been out but didn't come and say and hi because he thought I hated him...i did correct him and pointed out that he'd pissed me off greatly but I didn't hate him. So excellent I thought we we're on speaking terms we're being friendly. Basically people since then i've text him on two occasions one being about an issue we have in the house(we required his professional services) he's not replied to either but when I saw him last night he was all nicey nice...his behaviour is baffling does anyone have any idea what his game might be I will also add here that aside from his friend calling me hot that very same friend also shouted over to the two of us ''so are the two of you gonna fuck''. He did speak to my housemate on the phone about our problem in the house and he's popping round at some point this week after he finishes work to check it out, i've already given him the heads up that I'll be out wednesday night right through to saturday as I suspect he'd rather not see me, it's like he moans when he's drunk about me hating him yet when he's sober its like he doesn't give a shit. Miss Banana thinks I still like him even though i've refused to admit that I actually liked him in the first place. Hellllp! So confused. Stay kinky Kinky Cupcake XOXO

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Afternoon delight

Hey lovely people sorry i've been off the radar for awhile, its not that i've been boring and not getting up to my usual naughtyness I have however been spending far too much time thinking about and coming over someone I shouldn't, Its like a bad case of King Tart deja vous in other words a total pain in the ass that's now made things a bit awkward and made me wish more than ever that I didnt haave such a desire for playing with fire and suffice to say i'm thoroughly regretting the whole situation. I did how ever have some fun with a guy i've yet to write about here who I'll call The Luck it was most awesome. The reason I'm once again scribbling here is because i've just had like the title implies some Afternoon delight. Incidentally as you lovely lot I will not be using his real name I never do so ill call him afternoon delight for obvious reasons. I met him a couple of weeks ago and christ he is incredibly handsome, tall, dark haired and blue eyed and he's got the most gorgeous mouth. Given the two of our schedules its been a bit of a buggar to pin each other down so to speak, but finally the two of us had a spare window. So this afternoon ladies and gents I spent awhile making myself look pretty and that includes slipping into my favourite set from La Senza and headed out to met Afternoon Delight admittedly I did show up a little late but I blame my new heels(yep went all out for this guy lol) I must confess something right now I remember him being handsome but I forgot quite how insanely hot he was. Needless to say we were only at the coffee house for all of half an hour before heading off for a meander which ended up being to my work so I could pick up xmas pressie's so i've got to give it to the guy he handled that quite nicely and didn't so much as bat an eyelid. Not even when I bought some new lube haha glad he's not a prude that would have been awfully disappointing. So with a bag full sex toys that aren't me we headed back to mine for coffee. In all fairness I had every intention of behaving myself which is a task and a half at the best of times. About a minute we're in my room and we're making out on the bed then we decided to watch a film.
Needless to say we didn't get very far, even though despite my mounting horniness and my repeatedly telling him that he was being naughty and that I was tired(sodding got woken up again) and that he wasn't going to get me at my best...i believe if something is worth doing it's worth doing well and I don't mean in the respect of length of time if ism being honest I prefer a quicky but with loads of foreplay (if its kinky the more the better) because ism so tight down there I get sore very quickly so after he we'd been kissing and stroking and biting for awhile I eventually succumbed to my animal urges after all that's what we are we are designed to fuck it. I couldn't wait to see him naked I had a feeling that his body was going to match his face in other words I figured he's be smoking hot all over and after stroking his thighs(muscular as fuck by the by laddie's and gents) I was rather looking forward to getting naked. After he'd been rubbing my clit nice and lightly just the way I like it through it my undies and made me come close to orgasmic heaven, I told him to get naked, standing right in front of him I stripped my clothes off, then watched as he got naked my first thoughts were christ then when he was down to his shorts I waited for him to whip them off...I'm not joking when I say that I said holy fuck, don't get me wrong i've seen some pretty big cocks but I swear I didn't think he was going to fit in fact I was regretting my decision not to buy Trojan condoms from work in fact I honestly asked him when it looked like he was struggling with the normal size condom whether it was actually going to fit. I underestimate the elasticity of latex So when he was all in. I pushed him back onto the bed and tried to quell the annoying feeling of he's not going to fit in me. But thanks to how soaking wet my pussy is I managed to slide on perfectly...i like big cocks well in regards to girth I do I swear I was riding him in between hungry kisses and biting his neck for about 10 minutes before my orgasm almost sent me into orbit. The thing I really like about being on top is that I like to watch a guys cock sliding in and out of so naughty. Awhile later whilst I was riding him Afternoon delight came. It was very hot! And as he's revealed himself to be kinky h'm looking forward to a repeat performance on Sunday. Things ism loving right now My new Rock&Candy heels Big fat cocks Belladonna Sons of Anarchy season 3 hells yeah Things ism hating right now That I always want what I can't/shouldn't have Cybersexting /sexting with someone who I can't actually do the things we talk about with My incessant desire to play with fire it predictable made things change. And on that note lovely people i leave it there Stay kinky Kinky Cupcake XOXO

Monday, 3 October 2011

Reality Vs Fantasy(and a spot of anal play too)

Hey lovely people so how's your weeks been? My next blog post was only going to be a quicky to say that I'd be off the radar for awhile on account of deciding to forge on ahead with an erotic short story which I hope Xcite books will publish. The word count necessary seems disturbingly high but having written half of the first filthy scene i've already hit 1,600 words. So 10,000 upon reflection doesn't seem so terrifying. Regardless of whether or not Xcite do go ahead and publish it I'll be posting it here on completion and I must admit it's shaping up to being juice inducingly horny...then you lovely lot will really find out what a dirty girl I am. Some will be based on stuff i've already gotten down and naughty exploring in reality, some bits are purely a wank time fantasy yet to come to fruition in real life and some bits are inspired by my recent bout of cybering. Yep as of late i've reverted back to cybersexing, trawling my usual sites, Fetlife, collar me and the like for kinky men to chat utter filthyness with until one or both of us spurt our respective juices over the screens(cybering is highly underrated) as I don't have much time for actual cock these days its me, my right hand and the hot guy behind the computer screens that are doing it for me at the mo. Wanking is good for you admittedly not as good for you as getting shafted by a rock hard cock nor is it as fun, but penultimate an orgasm is an orgasm. Being that I'm sooo pro wanking and that I'm 100% team orgasm and get cranky as hell if I don't have one on a regular basis I do a lot of it. I've been working at the sex shop Simply pleasure for 3 months now, which means ladies and gents that i now get to use my staff discount which I did for the first time on saturday..i love my job. About a month after I'd started working there we got new We-Vibe products in store. We-Vibe have relieved rave reviews on a global scale from customers, industry and magazines for their innovative We-Vibe II which is the worlds number 1 couples vibrator. A genius and sophisticated piece kit, which can be worn during sex, stimulating you G spot and your clit whilst your partner is inside you, christ think of those Orgasms its also wireless and rechargeable. So when we received the Tango, Salsa and Touch I was quite keen to whip them out of their boxes and get them turned on. Tango and Salsa are bullets and the Touch sits comfortably in the palm of your hand for clit stim. The second I turned Salsa on and saw it spinning in the palm of my hand and vibrating so fast the tip was a blurred outline and that's just on the first setting I promised myself that if I passed the probationary period that id treat myself to one. This is my review of the Salsa Some basic techy stuff: Its rechargeable and the recharging doc is magnetic so can be removed when fully charged so as not to hinder play It has 8 settings and is simple to use Small enough to fit comfortably in your hand When I bought the Salsa I was a bit concerned it wouldn't be as good as it looks and that the reality wouldn't measure up to the fantasy(a vibe that would make me come harder and faster than ever before) ism very pleased to say that I'd needn't have been worried in fact it surpassed all of my expectation with erm flying colour and no I didn't miss the s of colour haha. I generally use toys after my initial orgasm(which takes about 20mins to get there)I save the best to last so to speak(e.g for multiple Os) now with my other vibes it'd take me easily 5 mins to come the Salsa had me there in half the time and on the first vibration setting needless to say I haven't come that hard or that fast before (whilst flying solo) I continued playing with the Salsa coupled with my fave dildo and another toy ill get to in a minute, I got busy exploring it's other settings, I found that whilst the second through to 4th settings were too intense for me the pulsing modes were great fun...Wow!!! It's small and mighty kind of like me...oh wait that's small and tightly. The reason I chose the Salsa over the other bullet the Tango is down to it's shape it is literally pointed(in a non sharp and scary way) like a bullet, where as Tango is flat and smooth on the one side. I like to get right in the groove and that's why the pointed tip of Salsa is perfect for me. If any of you lovely lot are tempted to go get one take my advice as someone who sells dildos and vibes for a living We-vibe Salsa is rad and surpasses any of my other vibrators. Now I mentioned I used another toy earlier along side the Salsa and fave dildo(Basix rubber works 6incher) the last few blokes I've hooked up with or have cybered with have been somewhat obsessed umm maybe obsessed is the wrong word umm perhaps intent is more accurate on deflowering my ass cherry and as some of you lovely lot know from my previous blogs ass play does zero for me unless I'm the one playing as opposed to receiving if you get my drift. I've experimented with having a finger up there and it did nothing for me as far as ism concerned ass play is only taboo and naughty if a straight guy is getting his ass fucked by a chick. And as i've pointed out on numerous occasions to these chaps my G-spot is up my pussy speaking of which is just as tight as my ass. But whilst dusting the Anal section at work the other day I came across the smallest ass toy we do which is made by the clever people at Bottoms up. So when I was splurging some of my hard earned cash on updating my toy drawer I thought fuck it lets see what the hype is all about. I must admit I was apprehensive at first but the people at Bottoms up know their stuff, unlike a finger or a cock their anal toys specifically the one I got (a beginners ass plug) which is tiny and non horrifying it is super bendy and soft and as much as I hate to admit it the sensation was actually pleasurable. That's right folks you heard it here first...kinky cupcake found having something up her ass pleasurable in fact it felt damn right naughty and that's coming from a lady who has done a fair share of taboo kinks. I also bought a PVC sheet(perfect for getting wet and slippery on and due balls often known as love eggs which ill be reviewing at some point this week ism thinking taking a trip to the shop with them in would be the best idea as movement is how they stimulate you. Things ism loving right now We-vibe Salsa and the other new toys My new 3/4 length Dr Martens with old school yellow laces That Miss Banana was so sweet when she bared witness to my nervous melt down the other night she is the only person in two years i've let in far enough to trust enough to see me like that <3<3 <3 legend! That my dad is well and happy That despite a lot of my so called friends showing their true colours this month(and booy are they ugly ones) its great to see I'm important to some people as they are to me I am grateful that you're all apart of my life . Things i'm hating right now That i've been ill so much lately and that includes the sodding cold sores that have prevented me from sucking cock and kissing the last weeks That some of my supposed friends whom i bent over backwards for on numerous occasions showed their true colours well guess what bitches you sure as shit don't deserve me and just because I'm so sweet and nice doesn't mean you can walk all over me, because I can be a cunt too...and ism twice as nasty That ism freaking out because in like 3 years time I'm 30 fuuuuuck I need to do shit. Two faced people, don't be nice to my face then bitch about up and say it to my face Right then lovely people I'll leave it there Stay Kinky Kinky Cupcake XOXO.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Yes i'm a wanker, seriously my toy box is huge

Hey lovely people so how's your week/s been? Sorry i've dropped off the radar a bit as of late, I worked out yesterday that the accumulative hours i've worked in the last two weeks is a grand total of 136 no wonder i've collapsed 3 times. Things have been super busy, super stressful and it got all the more so this afternoon when my uncle called and told me my dad is in hospital, he got taken in yesterday due to his hernia popping out and being a size of a football, hes going into surgery tomorrow morning...i hope he's och. I think anymore stress is going to knock me on my ass, most of you probably perceive me as well put together you know unflappable, as if I have a thick layer of super glue coating me preventing me from is an illusion I just hide my shit well unless you're part of the inner sanctum e.g live with me it's kind of hard to hide streaky make-up cheeks or the pile of books littering the bedroom floor because ism a twat and forgot to bring my punch bag with me when I moved I'm not sure how much more stress I can take. But the good news is my work schedule looks to be returning to normal over the upcoming week or at least mellowing g out some whoop whoop! I'd just like to take the time here to say a massive thanks to Handsome Statham who aside from being damn good in bed he's turning out to be a good friend too, aside from offering hugs a few days ago, thanks for calling me earlier...and listening you really cheered me up XO The same goes to Miss Banana too with out you id have probably had a nervous breakdown the last couple of weeks Squench!! Love So given that i've barely had time to sleep or squeeze in a wank for that matter, i've not seen a naked man in my room for well since my last hook up with Handsome Statham which was like 3 weeks ago christ! God that's a long time. I miss fucking, I love it everything from the meeting, flirting, those looks exchanged that say...i can't wait to have you naked in my room, to the actual getting naked bit. People ask me all the time why I don't drink, here's why aside from not enjoying the buzz, id much rather fuck instead, it's how I unwind, how I distress, in that while when ism overwhelmed by passion, for those moments I am free and the ticking clock of time I am blissfully unaware of. I slip out of myself or rather into the part of me that's living for the moment, chasing euphoria with someone until my body shudders and I reach that plateau, that high that's unobtainable from drinking booze or doing drugs, I'd rather revel in the heady sensation of orgasm head that will fade gently than get off my face and nursing a hangover the next day. I must admit I'm one cock craving bitch right's all I can think about and earlier when I was busy flying solo I came so hard I nearly cried. But outstanding wanks aside there's only so much a dildo can do. It can't grab your hair and fuck your mouth, nor can it tie you up, or spank the hell out of you until you're a horny mess begging for cock. I need to get some, hopefully this weekend coming as Superfine will be back in town. Actually getting some kinky sex would be thoroughly delicious I really think it'd make all my stress melt away quite nicely. Whilst I'm on the subject of spanking. I read a book called The confessions of a London Spank daddy(a male Dom who likes to spank asses) by Peter Jones it is exactly what it says on the tin it's a collection of his juicy spanking adventures, he's infamous on the London scene for being a pro at spanking and caning. As a spankster myself I found the book predominantly about the cane which left me cold. don't get me wrong the though of using one on some turns me on but I know what I like and what I like is bruises not welts on my ass. The reason I'm bringing up Peter Jones's book is because of the introduction...i get off on intelligence and writes why we enjoy it...when it's done right it should achieve a combined adrenaline/endomorphine rush which is known as flying and some people say its better than an orgasm. So this is how we derive pleasure from the pain its the two chemical releases, the adrenaline created by fear and excitement and the endomorphins which are a protein produced automatically to counteract pain. Now I know for a fact that its all about building up to the pain gradually no one likes to hardcore cold spanked...especially not me its about gentle slaps with a stroked ass in between aka rubbing it out, then gradually progressing to harder slaps the rubbing it out is sequentially. All of this gives the body time to produce the endomorphins (they are also the reason you feel good despite the aches and pains after playing sport or going to the gym. God I miss having a bruised ass on a regular basis.< So on account of not having seen a cock other than on the back of a porno for 3 weeks i've been busy wanking myself silly when time permits and since i've started at Simply Pleasure my toy draw has been growing, here are the new additions, 2 copies of Taboo(i'm just that dirty) latex maids dress, nipple clamps, Liquid silk, a rox-off bullet and the cherry on the whipped cream a Basix dildo if I pass my probationary period at Simply pleasure I will be using my discount for a we vibe Salsa...a genius piece of kit, its a bullet that's rechargeable and so strong it bounces out of the palm of your hand...blimey that's a strong vibe. So instead of revealing all of the sordid details about what I fantasized about during my numerous solo sessions I'm going to do a mini review of the new addition to the toy draw Why Basix dildos are awesome and my rabbit has been temporarily sidelined Its simple really they are aside from being aesthetically pleasing and very much so look like an actual cock. They have one thing that a rabbit Don't and that is ladies and gents.....flexibility seriously they are super duper bendy, and what with my insides being so small its great because it moves with me, where as a rabbit didn't have that flexibility and is on occasion so massive and stiff its uncomfortable. Sooooo loving it. Its bendy, its looks like a real one e.g has the head soft subtle veins etc and due to being so bendy it hits the G spot fantastically. It doesn't however have a clit stim so that's where your bullets will come in handy. So other than wanking myself silly and working like a biatch. I have managed to snatch some me time the other day to do the only kind of shopping I actually enjoy(aside from book hunting) I went and picked up some heels for my upcoming ''yey i'm old day'' in 2 weeks time and ladies they are simply the most divine things i've ever had on my feet, I blew some of my hard earned cash on a pair of gorgeous peep toe, sling back black platforms by Kurt Geiger, j'adore I feel like a million bucks in those shoes so when my birthday night out swings round I'll be two busy marvel ling at how pretty my feet look in them to be worrying about the fact I'll be turning 27! I'm soooo looking forward to the saturday night off and for once putting on a pretty pair of heels, a girly dress sans massive promo hoody and shimmying off into the night to embrace the lights, and the clubs that smell like perfume, sweat, spilled cocktails, where for the first time in like a year I will be one of the writhing bodies on the dance floor getting lost in the music and lost in some hot blokes lips...its going to be a rare treat to pull in a normal situation as possessed to in the street haha. Anyone who's up for coming out and about hit me up on Facebook we'll be heading to cavern, and time piece On a side note you should all check out Stephen Elliott's book called A life Without Consequences...its mind blowing. On that note ladies and gents I'll leave it there, stay kinky Kinky Cupcake XOXO

Monday, 22 August 2011

No rest for the wicked*deviant*

Hey lovely people, how's your week been? This is just a quick update and to say I will be posting properly soon. I've had a mental busy couple of weeks and the next two are looking to be the same. I've been working crazy hard and have barely had time to eat or sleep. And don't get me started on the lack of cock or rather the time to hook up and fuck. After the kinky fuckfest I wrote about in my last blog naturally Handsome Statham was my first choice, but he quickly lost his appeal on account of the fact we seemed to be doing more talking and the 'when are you free' texting as opposed to the actual fucking. Also he was starting to piss me off by referring to my blog as his ''review" which of course is not what my blog is, I don't review the guys I sleep with that's just shallow, and any guy who feels the need to show his other fuck buddie's my blog to prove how "good" they are has serious self esteem issues, and is a bit of a dick to tell me.about it....thanks really didn't want to know that. So aside from working my ass off this past week and wanking an insane amount to compensate the lack of dick what else have I been doing? Well i've been very stressed for numerous reasons, straight jacket and padded room for one please. I have been watching a fair amount of porn for work, and discovered that (a) I still don't get off on vanilla porn and that (b) that The Vault got me dribbling down below...that's right folks I can only get off on kinky porn. I made a few other interesting discoverer's this week, the first came after I was pissed off about not getting cock when id like it and my feeling outrage towards.our government for not.being as open minded as the dutch when it prostitution, whilst doing some research i.did fond out that prostitution is legal here, there's just a few bylaws that make it difficult and illegal to pay for sex, such as curb crawling, pimping, pandering to name a few. I would just like to point out that I have not done any of the above. I also discovered that collapsing in work is beyond embarrassing, I swear every time i've done it I burst into tears...reckon its due to shock. But before anyone panics I did go to the doctors last week and also had a blood test today to see if there's something dodgy going on e.g over active thyroid, or my old nemesis anemia. Any way ladies and gents if I survive my next two mental working weeks my next post should suffice to say be some what more riveting. Hope you all have a lovely week Stay kinky Kinky Cupcake XOXO

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Red raw and begging for more

Hey lovely people so how's your week been? Mine has been a very busy one mainly with work but the weekend was great. Now given what I got up to last night, in this piece I'm going to talk about kink, more specifically fetishes, the hand shape bruise on my ass and sore nipples being the inspiration for this blog and considering I am a self proclaimed kinkster with an array of fetishes/kinks lurking in my closet I'm quite shocked that I haven't yet written about the subject, with the exception of the now infamous Anal blog where I divulge the juicy tale of the night I got to fuck a very sexy man in the ass with a strap-on. So what is a festish? A fetish is the sexual arousal a person receives from a physical object, or situation. Now whilst trawling the net, researching, I found an abundance of material that answered the question; what is a fetish and discovered some pretty interesting stuff, for example Alfred Binet, a french psychologist, lawyer and hypnotist proposed that fetishes be classified as either ''spiritual love'' or ''plastic love'' ''spiritual love'' occupied the devotion for specific mental phenomena, such as attitudes, social class, or occupational roles; while ''plastic love'', referred to the devotion exhibited towards material objects such as animals, body parts, garments, textures or shoes. I personally reject his opinion, I think it's ridiculous to compartmentalize fetishes at the end of the day if you have one or a couple why stick a label on them. I have the same amount of desire For being Dommed as I have for the feel of PVC, they both turn me on as much as the other. As much info I turned up on the ''what is'' I found very little on what causes them. Freud believed that sexual fetishism in men derived from the unconscious fear of the mothers genitals, from mens universal fear of castration, and from mans fantasy that his mother had had a penis but that it had been cut off, he did not discuss sexual fetishism in women. OK so aside from thinking that maybe Freud was feeling a little under the weather when he wrote that as it sounds like the ramblings of an insane man so quick to blame everything on the mother, but it also made me thankful is humans have evolved and learned to explore the inner workings of the mind a lot more carefully. I must admit I found very little else on why we have kinks. Over the years i've read a few books and analyzed my own kinks to the point of exhaustion, i've discussed certain ones with numerous kinksters. And Colchester in particular and I would talk at great length about our mutual kink and as he'd studied psychology at uni he told me how we develop a fetish. The short version is this its due to a trauma e.g an event that occurs when we are not mature enough to comprehend nor deal with it emotionally, that incidence then plants a seed into our psych so to speak, which having manifested itself, later unfurls into our adulthood generally its when we hit puberty. Its the same with anything though it you refuse to deal with something or are unable to that's going to eventually come out in some form or another.
I can like many other kinksters out there pin point the exact moments in time all of the ''seeds'' were planted for mine, whether it's ones ism loud and proud about or the ones I only discuss with people i've met online that I know are 100% into it, therefore avoiding any uncomfortable silences and that soul destroying look people wear when they think you're a freak. I remember the first time I told someone about what gets me off, I was 16 and just getting comfortable well ish in my own skin. And I really wanted to spill to my then new boyfriend, I was super embarrassed and thought I was a total freak and worried no end that I wasn't ''normal''. I remember handing over a few sheets of paper written in red ink and shyly passing them over to my beau at the time. I knew if I'd had to verbalize my desires, my kinks I'd have bottled it and lost my nerve. I truly thought I was abnormal, I was so relieved when he's done reading admittedly my face was probably the same colour as the red ink it was written in, and even more relieved when he revealed that he himself was of the kinky variety. For a couple of years that became an ongoing trend with me, but it progressed to erotic short stories and by the time I was in the 3rd year of college I was completely open about what got me off and the need for short stories to bare my desire's was unnecessary but stuck around to become a pleasurable pastime. However despite my honesty and upfrontness about most of my kinks I kept one secret for such a long time, like I just thought if I'd spilled about it I would face ridicule and its shrouded by shame and embarrassment that I never thought I'd ever get to experience it. I have actually experienced it in fact i've played with the kink extensively over the last two years, and feel at ease with it, not on the scale I go round telling people about it but more so I don't feel awkward and shy about discussing it online or people i've met online that are 100% into it too. People that know me and know me well know that I analysis everything overly so sometimes. So for years I was armed with the question ''why do I like what I like'' I'm a fucker for that I need to know the why behind everything and I think i've finally worked out the reasons behind mine. A few years ago I was in my local library and stumbled across a book that I was shocked to find in there. The cover caught my eye '' My girlfriend comes to the city and beats me up'' by Stephen Elliott with a painting of a flame haired goddess in domination gear adorning the front cover. Naturally I picked it and in no time id devoured it. And a few days later I was hot footing it to a book shop in Newport and ordering the book prior to the one id just read. Its called Happy baby, its an autobiographical tale of the author Stephen Elliott who writes under the character name Theo, once the eponymous happy baby, but later an orphan in foster care and now a grown man living in cali is haunted by memories of the past'' just a little excerpt from the blurb. See Theo or rather Stephen Eliott himself is a kinkster in fact he's a total masochist heavily into BDSM and a total pain junky, aside from telling his harrowing story it also deals with his kinks, how he got them and why he likes what he likes from reading his books I released I was normal and that its OK that I'm into what ism into. If you're going to read it, keep your eyes out when he's in Amsterdam and goes to visit the dutch prostitute Adele. He is a brilliant writer not only is it effortlessly fluid its intelligent and thought provoking. And to this day it is one of my favourite books. Just a warning though have a box of tissues handy...I'm not one of these people who cries at sad movies etc however on occasion I am moved by real shit based on true events and real emotion so just a heads up for when you read it.
A small list of the most common kinks Foot fetishism PVC Latex/rubber Stockings Silk Spanking/caning/whips Restraint Gags And shoes Dacryphilia-arousal from tears/crying ummm I have stuff to say on this but I'll refrain as it's a curiosity Axillism-arousal from armpits I don't have this fetish but i've got to be honest if ism all sweet smelling under there I'm happy for someone to touch and kiss me there Dendrophilia- aroused by trees Choreophilia-refers to people who are sexually aroused by dancing The mist common ones I list most of mine are in there. I do admit to having a bit of a shoe fetish not in the heel worship way though although I did write a pretty steamy scene in an erotic short once. Spanking is definitely one of my main fetishes it drives me wild, hence the man sized hand print on my arse see right then I hesitated writing the next bit wondering whether or not revealing my desires here was such a brilliant idea with a sprinkling of shame thrown in but fuck it it gets me off, everything from being bent over the bed/knee to the anticipation of the first slap on the ass, anyone wondering as to who that hand print belongs to yet? Just a heads up anyone of a weak disposition might want to skip the next couple of paragraphs and any of you that are remotely kinky sit back and enjoy. In the last blog entry I say along the lines of ism not expecting to hear from Handsome Statham anytime soon due to the previous weekend events. So needless to say I was very shocked to hear from him on Friday, it was a welcomed phone call after I'd gotten asked on Friday if I was a prostitute and Friday being a hellish day the promise of cock on Sunday is definitely guaranteed to turn my day around. When I got home from work on Friday night he and I started talking about kink, needless to say I was slick pretty quick and even more so at the mention of ''punishment'' and seeing the words ''force you over my knee'' and something along the lines of him being tempted to come round and do it then lighting up my inbox no wonder I was horny in fact ladies and gent's I had the horn from Friday night to Monday morning, and every time I thought about it id have to resist the urge to touch myself(I'd had about 7 DIY orgasms from saturday morning to the time he got here sundry) as far as I was concerned Sunday night couldn't come quick enough. Hot sex with a sexy gent is amazing, but hot kinky sex with a sexy gent is phenomenal. I hadn't had kinky sex in awhile and wanted to make an effort and treat what the hell treat myself to something saucy to wear and something fun to play with. So Miss banana and I took a trip to where I work, we also discovered that there's a porno named after me well my first name to be precise haha. I picked up a sexy latex maids dress(the Sharon Sloane stuff we stock is gorgeous and doesn't break the bank) and some nipple clampscome sundae I was a horny mess. I would just like to say thanks to Miss Banana for helping me get into my dress latex really is a nightmare to get into and erm sorry you saw my boobs and that you copped an eyeful of my foof and my ass I really didn't realize how short it was and the same apology goes to my other poor unsuspecting male house mate who wandered into the kitchen to make tea and also copped an eyeful whooops sorry. When Handsome Statham showed up on my doorstep all I could think about was him getting naked as soon as possible and fucking the naughty out of me. I'm going to fast forward to when he was laying naked fresh from the shower on my bed. This is when my juices really started flowing, ism dipping in between sucking his ear lobe, kissing his beautiful mouth and his neck whilst stroking his chest, when he pipes up and I remember it word for word because it's turning me on even as I write about it. '' i believe I owe you something'' instant flash back to the red ass texts, my stomach bunches up and pulses get sent straight between my legs, he's stroking my as and every time he pulled his hand away my ass cheeks clenched, in anticipation of what I hoped was coming, then before I knew it he was sitting upright on the edge of the bed and I was sprawled over his knee and silently hoping that the next time he took his hand away it would quickly be followed by a slap that would send that delicious sensation across my ass cheeks and straight to between my legs which was already soaking. Then he did it, and fuck me any harder and I'd have gone shooting through the wall. I remember my hand instantly going to my cheeks and rubbing, my whole ass had gone numb I'm pretty sure I whimpered ''tooo hard'' I think suffice to say I learnt my lesson though...don't be a bitch to especially not to someone who is twice the size of you therefore has the ability to make sitting down pretty uncomfortable for you haha. That ladies and gents is the story behind the hand print on my ass. Handsome Statham is a pretty big bloke 6'4, well built and he''s incredibly good with his hands because a short while later he was making me come like the dirty girl that I am. I also have very sore nipples and af2er I spill how they got to be so sore I'm going to tell you about my second favorite part of the night. As I'd picked up some clamps we whipped them out to have a play. I've got to be honest they didn't do that much, they were too big to go on him, so we tried them on me. I've got to be honest clothes pegs have more of an effect because even at their tightest the only time they came close to doing anything was well when he pulled on the chain, so they were quickly ditched and both of us resorted to doing things the old fashioned way with our hands, not that I had much of an effect on his nips haha however he on the other hand From the second he started playing, I had a filthy smile on my face my bottom lip caught between my teeth and every time he squeezed, id take a sharp intake of breath that seemed to whistle through my teeth. If I make that noise whilst I'm smiling you know you're onto a winner and id gone from slick to sopping wet in seconds, I find that sex is always more intense and hot when i've been playing with my kinks, because its not all about the orgasm its about the slow build up of pleasure before hand, whether its being spanked or having my nipples squeezed to the point they're raw, cock afterwards is the cherry on top, that was hotter than hell, fucking a very sexy man, whilst wearing my rubber dress and having him squeeze my nips as I rode his cock. Bit embarrassing having to ask him to help me take my dress off though. Wearing rubber is essentially like wearing a sexy other words super tight, awkward to get on and awkward to get off. Now onto my second favorite experience of the night., a short while later, we were discussing our kinks, Handsome is into CBT for those of you that don't know what CBT is those letters stand for Cock and Ball Torture...over the last few years i've evolved from 100% sub to a switch and picked up a thirst for other kinks. And I'd been curious about the aforementioned kink, so I was pretty chuffed when he spilled that he was into it. Now on account of not having any bollocks myself well not real ones anyway. I was a little concerned for inflicting the bad kind of pain which to the non-kinksters reading this it probably sounds like an oxymoron in itself but I assure you there's a difference. So I got Handsome to cup his own balls to see how he likes it and as I was doing it I asked a bunch of questions to establish the pain level etc and once I'd gotten into the swing of things I concentrated on watching his face as I squeezed his balls lightly at first then harder. The look on his face said it as fuck. And considering he'd said earlier on in the night that his face betrays no sir of full of shit i've never seen anyone more turned on. Then he asked me if the pressure I was applying was as hard as I could go, it wasn't but I was trying to be careful because of my nails are as sharp as talons but after him telling me he didn't mind. I gave him my best...nails digging into his ball sack and all, it was hot as hell when he started trying to tell a story and I clamped down even harder to the point where he lost his train of thought and stopped talking ummm what was that you dirty bitch didn't quite catch that;-) Sunday night was amazing and despite having sore nipple, sore ass and tender balls between the two of us after that I'm so up for a repeat performance. He asked me part way through whether or not I was turned on and aside from saying yes(i was slick below) all I could think about is this..its not about me shut the help up and enjoy the attention lol I like working out what a gets a guy horny everything from his kinks to that particular spot that drives him wild....I'd like to think that ism not selfish in bed if only one of you is having a good time that's pretty shite. By the end of our CBT play his cock was purple(no jokes) and we fucked each other side ways...pretty intense and I nearly bit through my lip. On that note lovely people ill leave it there thanks Handsome for the hand print every time I look down at it I smile to myself ;-) and Miss Banana sorry you overheard us having sex but in my defense it was pretty fucking spectacular and you should be honoured as no one else has heard me...oh well I guess that's what you get if you go to the loo in the middle of the night it is above my bedroom haahaaha Have a good week lovely people stay kinky Kinky Cupcake XOXO

Monday, 1 August 2011

Fiesty or Arsehole

Hey lovely people so hows your week been? Yesterday was a day of quiet contemplation and nostalgia, I got to thinking about the old days back in Wales, the summer that changed everything and the sonngs I couldn't get enough off, back when I was in my chrysalis before I developed into something more vibrant and sprang from it. Tsunami bomb vs. The monster, and a gallows track amongst a few others. I wasn't super happy back then, I spent alot of my time angry and frustrated and fuck it depressed, thats not to say it was all bad because of course it wasn't I met some amazing friends and have a huge box full of memorie's train tickets and such. But the past month has been a bit uppy downy and i've reffered to it as being a bit like life jenga, e.g a bit jiggly and unstable. But I did I compare and contrast yesterday and asked myself am I truly more happy down here than I was there? Don't misconstrue this as me being all woe is me because I don't throw pity partie's for anyone let alone me. See truth be told the answer is yes I am more happy here, however i'm really not liking who i'm turning into especially after these past couple of weeks. Last night I had the urge to taxi-it down to the beach, to dip my toes into the water I do to water when i'm stressed or have something on my mind I need clarity on something, in fact i've done it since I was in my teens, whether its the canal, river or sea depending where i've been/am living at the time, which is ironic considering i'm scared shitless of water. Maybe thats why when I go to the beach I force myself to go ankle deep and look out at the horizon because subconsciously I know that in those short moments i'm confronting my phobia ergo making me realise that i'm made of sturdy stuff and can deal or at least attempt to deal with any problem I might have and staring out at the deep vastness that is the sea I realise how insignificant and small I am.

So what prompted the desire to act like a hippy by sodding off to the beach at silly o'clock in the morning(thankfully I was too lazy and far too sleepy) A realisation I had over the weekend , (I promise i'll stop using the word realise or any form of thee word in a mo on account of having noticed how often i've used it already) the realisation that I am an arsehole. Today i'm going to talk a bout the word Feisty(briefly) on my fbook profile I say i'm too feisty for my own good, its quite a cutesy sounding word I stumbled upon this definition of the word earlier Feisty: having or showing exuberance and strong determination. Tenacious, energetic, spunky; belligerent; prepared to stand and fight, especially in spite of relatively small stature or some other disadvantage. Quite a fitting word for me but there's a difference between being fiesty and a fraction hot headed and being an arse hole. I really don't think fesity sums me up anymore I think the word arsehole is more accurate. This past week alone i've argued with two different people and been unable to contain my temper admittedly the two gents that I did argue with happened to catch me at the wrong time of the month e'g when i'm at my worse and my short fuse gets even shorter. To say i'm explosive when i'm pssed off is an understatement I know I look all cute and delicate but i'm utterly vile when i'm pissed off, I get very leary and sweary and I become like a snarling tiger being poked with a red hot poker...viscious.
As i'm sure Handsome Statham can recal...i am a cunt when i'm pissed off and I struggle to control it. Handsome Statham and I are no longer fuck buddie's I presumed he hadn't text me for reasons I won't go into and also presumed he was playing the same stupid games that so many men including King Tart e.g instead of being straight up and saying that he no longer wanted to hook up he just ignored me...maybe my eyes are jaded now when it comes to men and i'm too quick to judge. Handsome Statham didn't text me because he was hospital with pneumonia, i'm so quick to judge and cut people off and presume the worse in people which makes me an absolute wanker in my book. He said the text i'd sent him was agressive I think thats the first time anyone has said that to me and I didn't like hearing not because I thought it was bollocks but because it was true. I'm not surprised he dosn't want to fuck me anymore.

I'm not going into the ins and outs too much because honestly i'm ashamed and not just because of how I acted and who else I argued with because my temper is ugly and I worry that i've turned into a complete bitch. I also seriously upset someone last month too and I hated knowing that I was the reason they were feeling upset , and i know that despite taking them a cup of coffee and a bar of chocolate upto their room to apologise it dosn't make it ok. I mentioned temper and how I hated it so and my sister said it was genetics, fair play she's got a point our parents are both incredibly hot headed so it makes sense to some degree but I feel like I mines a million times worse than there's and think its a cop out to blame mine on my genes. I've lost count of the numerous thing's i've broken in rage for those struggling to picture me being able to break anything period let me paint a very ugly picture for you I cracked my bedroom door in wales by booting it, put the front bit of the washing machine through, anhillated my laptop and numerous phones and crockery launching trying to put them through one wall or another. I spoke to Miss Banana about it. I think it's a good job i'm pacifist and abhor physical violence. it all and she suggested Anger Management, which I was suppossed to recieve info on when I got the info about CBT for my OCD but didn't recieve anything don't think the doctors took me too seriously as well i'm tiny and look like an elf. I think it'd be a good thing for me to go, my first question will be how can I manage my temper Although when some twat felt my ass and when another said something inappropriate i had to fight hard to resist the urge of booting him in the arse a couple of weeks ago it's my ass so only the people I like get to touch it. So how do become the opposite of a cunt.

Nothing new on the guy front I wouldn't mind hooking up with a guy i'll Crew cut, who I spent some of saturday night flirting with...swoon he's gorgeous.

Things i'm loving right now
That my friends love me even if i'm prone to being a douche(not to them)
My new TUK Mondo Hi Creepers(frickin' awesome)
The Sony Xperia sexy <3 it

Things i'm hating right now
My temper
That i'm pretty certain i'm more arsehole than nice.
That my insides feel like dirt due to the above.
Hope you all have a lovely week Stay kinky KinkyCupcake XOXO

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Horny? You must be a nympho

Hey lovely people so how's your week been? The last couple of weeks have been some what turbulent. There's a huge question mark from my past that I keep coming back to like if I just re-examine the fragments i'll get some clarity like the answer will just pop up and make sense. The lesson I learrned last week is this...if you going digging around you better be prepared for a couple of skeletons to pop out at you. I know i'm being cryptic here but truth be told I like to keep things light here, i'm not one for exposing my raw nerves on a grand scale I don't like showing the world that on occasion I feel broken and vulnerable i'm more likely to discusss the ins and outs with my super close friends or my sister. I will say this though about an hour after the conversation I had on thursday I was busy still trying not to throw up and in the throws of an anxiety attack. And if I stop to think about my options, the next step and do I choose to take it, it makes my throat does that annoying tight thing which it always does when an anxiety attack is on its way, so I have to take time out and stick it like a wadge of gum to the back of my mind to come back too. The weekend was so chaotic and swirly that I barely had time to eat let alone think about it, I spent friday and the rest of the weekend working hard and getting upto all kinds of naughty stuff...hells yeah i'll come back to the naughty bit in a mo, but all in good time ladie's and gent's.

A couple of weeks ago I was having a conversation with one of my new housemates, where he'd asked me with a dead pan expression on his face whether or not I was a nymphomaniac, and whilst had he asked it in a jokey fashion and used the word nymphomaniac as slang for overtly sexual and randy then in that context my answer would have been yeah sure. However in the context he'd said it my answer was no purely because I think if I was I would be going home with anyone, but as you lovely lot know I have exceptionally high standards and it takes someone pretty phenomenal(all round) to get my attention. Honestly I only had a vague concept of what nymphomania aka Hypersexuality was and knew very little about it, it transpires our Doctors know very little about it too. After that conversation with my housemate I knew that I wanted to learn about it to satiate a curiosity. So what is nymphomania? It is uncontrollable or excessive sexual desire in a woman. From the numerous sites I perused last night. The information I gathered is all a bit wishy washy. Alot of sites stipulate that it is a mental disorder marked by compulsive sexual behaviour, for those unaware of what compulsions are they're unwanted actions or rituals that a person engages in repeatedly without getting pleasure from them (hands up those of you who have had to get your friend to check that the plug socket is turned off on account of checking and flicking for about two solid minutes, and hands up those of you that have tidied up all of the loo roles in your local supermarket whilst buying some. And yep I did both of those things) when I read that bit of info about compulsion my first thought was whats the point of having sex unless the two of you are going to have a good time? Whether or not nymphomania qualifies as a true mental illness is often debated in the medical community but evidence suggests its a serious illness namely because of concerns for STD's. Some believe there is no known cause for it. HOwever others believe that like any other illness it may arrive as a result of enviroment, heredity and life events. It may also be linked to a chemical imbalance in the brain(neurotransmitters) emphasis on the may also bit.
I would just like to dispel the silly notion of nymphomania hypersexuality soley being found in women...its bollocks, it just has a different name and no its no likestofuckalotitis when a man has it is called Satyriasis(both Nymphs and Satyrs are found in greek mythology) here is a list of symptoms I found
*Compulsive sexual behaviour including promiscuity(it may occur with other symptoms of OCD or other mental disorders
*Difficulty concentrating
*Feelings of shame or inadequacy
*Repeated, uncontrollable behaviours(compulsions)
*Repeated, unwanted thoughts(obsession)
People at risk of getting nymphomania
*Aged under 30
*Family history of mental illness
*Female gender
*Homosexual orientation
*Personal history of mental illness
*Recent traumatic life event
The symptoms and risk factors could apply to anyone.

Personally from the research i've done the more I doubt that Nymphomania and Satyriasis exist. Some authors have questioned whether it makes sense to discuss Hypersexuality at all, arguing that extreme sexual urges merely stigmatise persons who do not conform to the norms of their culture or peer group. Personally I blame the 1000's of years of female oppression, when women were seen as sinful lowly creatures that only existed to cook, clean, and service their husbands, big thanks to the bible for all of that by the way. Not like old days when frolicking in the woods was acceptable. Think i'm getting all man hating feminist here, i'm really not and here's why, women were treated appaulingly I personally think its thanks to the mental institutes in the victorian times that it is seen as an exclusively female illness, and were treated disgustingly bad and by todays standards tortured upon diagnosis. Back then women were classified as mentally ill for nymphomania if they were a victim of sexual assault(yep you read that right) ''abused themselves''(wanked) or were deemed promiscuous or got pregnant out of wedlock, the next bit of infomation is beyond pharsical upon arrivval at the asylum doctors would give the woman a pelvic exam if they felt that she had an enlarged clitoris she would undergo treatments. These treatmens included, induced vomitting, blood letting, leeches, restricted diet, douches to the head or breats and at times Clitoridectomy's(removal of the clitoris) and having caustic substances appiled to their bits, anyone saying what the fuck yet? Doctors used to apply the greek remedies but hey thank fuck for modern medicine. Those were the days when a woman could give a gent a furtive glance or admit to beeing aroused from a novel, and she was instantly diagnosed as being ill. Cases of Satyriasis were few and far between in otherwords less men were diagnosed, can't say i'm really suprised if they'd heard what the treatment for women was. I personally think that the term Nymphomania was pennned when sexuality/sex was a dirty word and as women were seen as the weaker sex then heaaven forbid she had the same urges as man. The way that the people in power(law and Doctors) treated people for feeling a bit horny and to admitting it was abominable just look at the treatment of Marquis De Sade(1740-1814) french aristocrat, politician, philosopher and writer famous for his libertine novels spent a total of 35yrs in and out of prison and asylums just for liking his sex a bit kinky with a lashing of pain. Hence Sadomasochism. So in conclussion the term Nymphomania and satyriasis is an archaic label for the horny and the next time someone asks me if i'm a nympho my answer will be yes although it is not a compulsion.

Right to the man goss, well ladie's and gents I had a sinfully fun weekend! Suck it dry spell! Handsome Statham(as in looks like Jason Statham...yum)
He's tall, shaven headed, blue eyed and looks like the kind of guy you want to get all kinds of tangled up in. definitely made me lick my lips. Handsome Statham is very smooth and aside from the few hours I spent flirting with Beautiful Tattoo (mentioned in my last blog) I can't recall a time where i've flirted so brazenly...ladies and gent's I do believe I was talking fluent slut and my body was pretty much saying ''so your hot we should fuck'' on my behalf haha gosh I really have no was obscene. So after a number swap on friday where he'd written his number down on a co-workers hand when I was up in town flyering...needless to say saturday night had a deliscious ending to it despite being sleep deprived of zombie perportions. Ummm what to say about saturday it was incredibly hot bit different from the usual hook up in the respect that it wasn't straight down to the fucking soon as they're through the door not that there's anything wrong with that *takes a moment to remember the best sex of my life with King Tart) it was really sensual I think that aside from his good looks his intelligence is insanely sexy. Because whilst we were lounging around naked(ladies oh my...) inbetween sucking face and stroking etc the conversation's were interesting.
And whilst we explored each other's bodie's trying to find each others weak spots, he gave me a was blissfull and my right shoulder is now knot free...thanks handsome. It was really hot, its always nice when guys take time to work out where your other erogenous zones are as oppossed to going straight to the obviouus ones. And kudos he definitely knows where the G-spot is.;-)
So it appears I have a new fuck buddie we're both on the same page, its seemingly straight forward so far as oppossed to how much hassell it was with King Tart who managed to make the most straight forward thing(casual sex) into a pain in the ass which is a shame as he was so gooood and everytime I glance at my Machine Head poster with the visible crease still in it I think about those numerous orgasms that caused it crinkle and tear from the door.
Handsome Statham came over to mine on sunday night too second night in a row he climed in through my window haha. He is also the only man I know that has actually let me do something seriously girly to him...thats right folks I chastised him for biting hang nails(you know the aannoying bit of nail or cuticle that occasionally pokes up at the side of your nail) then I whipped my nail file out and my cuticle clippers and went to town on his fingers. Then we fucked...i really love that feeling when you first slide down onto a rock hard dick. I must admit I was seriously in awe of aa certain talent that most men lack..when he came he was rock solid again in seconds, and when he did come it was the most sexiest sound it was gutteral, primal and throaty even. Hot as fuck.

Things i'm loving right now
The delicsious chocolate cupcakes I made to cheer Miss Banana up with.
That Long Legs has met someone really special(you deserve it babe and i've never seen you so happy)
Dirty Sexy Things purely for Perou of course
Veruca Salt Seether

Things i'm hating right now
That I still don't know whether or not to take the big step or how the heck to go about taking it in the first place
That I saw an advert for erectile dysfunction but the stats are based on a 2yr study off US males err hello we're in the UK how the hell do those stats apply here. Also british people that have started putting the month first then the date...again we are in the uk and you wouldn't say i'm going to wear my heels black or walk into a shop and ask for a cupcake strawberry, no offense to my american friends i'm sure us brits have annoying habits that are making their way across to your tv's etc.

Hope you all have a lovely week stay kinky KinkyCupcake XOXO

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Hey good lookin' its all about flirtation

Hey lovely people so how's your week been? Mine has been pretty good with the exception of friday when I got a bit shouty, a bit sweary and alot hand gesturey on account of being livid. I would like to say a huge fuck you to those who were responsible for friday and a huge thank you to Miss Banana and the lucious Long legs for not cringing at each expletetive including the word cunt which peppered my retelling of the events that happened on friday afternoon...i love you both!

So on account of not having had any action for 3 weeks(which as you know is a hell of a long time for me...longest dry spell so far this year) i've decided to write about flirtation...the good stuff that paves the way to fucksville so to speak or at least gives us a good buzz. I've had a couple of conversations with a couple of different people on the subject and i've done some research and discovered a few interesting things that made a light bulb flash in my head as in ''oooooh he sooooo did that'' see bless me for the most part i'm a pretty observant person and pick up on the most obvious signals its the more subtle ones I generally miss out on. I remember a few years ago when I was 16/17 and turning to a friend of mine complaining that I didn't know how to flirt to which she replied ''yess you do you flirt with everyone'' upon pressing her to elaborate on what she meant by that she simply said that I smile and laugh alot. I naively thought that flirting was soley verbal. Thankfully now in my twenties i've wised up alot and am aware that our body has a large part to play in it, in fact up until yesterday I had no idea how large a part it does actually play. Only 7% of aa womans attraction is shown through verbal communication, 38% percent is through tone of voice and and whopping 50% is body language.

On the weekend I spent a substantial amount of time flirting with a seriously beautiful gent(those pahahaing and saying that a bloke can't be called beautiful, thats bollocks beauty is non-gender specific) so Beautiful Tattoo and i were talking about the topic and i'd said that if our mouths arn't saying it then our bodies are saying it for us, then I went on to use the fact that I bite my bottom lip alot when i'm attracted to someone. He went on to point out that I play with my hair, at which point my jaw dropped slightly and the piece of hair I was twirling got thrown over my shoulder as in the ''ooooh yep you caught me flirting, yep my body was being nice and slutty there on my behalf'' god knows why I felt like i'd been caught on i'd already told he had nice hands and that he'd looked sexy as hell chewing on that toothpick when i'd bumped into him a few weekends ago. Fuck me I honestly have no shame. The point i'm making here is this our brains are designed to make us behave in certain ways, flirting is as old as women. Our bodies give off these signals. To prospective ''mates'' or ''hook ups'' we do certain things subconsciously like the whole playing with my hair thing I do it for two reasons. Onee is consciously I play with it when i'm at home either when i'm day dreaming or just chilling simply because it relaxes its silky haha. Aand the second is subconsciously which I only do around me i'm attracted too. Beautiful Tattoo went on to point out that loads of girls play with with their hair...duh its because they're attracted to you. But i'll get to why us facinating creatures do that in sec. But first things first. Why do we do it? Why do we flirt? The answer is n obvious and simple one...we do it to test levels of mutual attraction before visibly acting! No one likes rejection. It dates back to when we lived in smaller dwellings/villages and had you been rejected by a prospective mate it would travel like wild fire therefore making the rejected as a popular as a fart in a can and less sexually viable.
And despite being as evolved as we are and somewhat more of a sophisticated animal when it comes to ''mating'' or ''getting lucky'' we revert back to a more primitive state twhen it comes to our baser urges. Here's a feww interesting tidbits for your delectation a few common signals

Common signals seen in both sexes.
The forehead bow: if a person tips their head slightly forward and looks up at you from uunder their brow, they're inviting you to come closer.
Your pupils dialate: I've mentioned this one before, when we're attracted to someone our pupils dialate regardless of how much light there is in the room. Its also a completely involuntary response.
Smiling of course.

Heres a couple of gender specific ones that gents exhibit
They stand tall or sit up straight
They thrust their shoulders back their chest outward like numerous other male animals
Gents engage in grooming behaviours such as picking imaginary fluff off his clothes or straightening his tie(thus drawing attention to himself)
Have their palms facing up when gesticulating or resting, this act shows their openess and vulnerability thus showing they're friendly and approachable(king tart did this on saturday night still didn't prevent me from calling him a dick and telling him to pretty much go fuck himself on account of my not being remotely interested in him anymore.

Here's some common ones that ladies exhibit
This one is for Beautiful Tattoo and any of you other gents that have a wondered why women play with their hair
We twirl/play/stroke our hair for a few reasons; to expose our necks, because we are nervous and my personal favourite itss a sign of playful arousal. Its used to attract a mans attention or to show him that his masculinity is attractive to us.
We arch our backs which makes our bums and boobs stick out.
We gently bite or lick our lips. We compel attention to what many biologists believe are facial echo's of vaginal lips. Transmitting sexual maturity and our interest in sex.

Basically if someone you like mirrors any of these signals they're into you but however if you see clusters of them then you're pretty much golden.
Some guys I find put out mix signals which is a total pain in the ass as you can't just come outright and say hey so whats the deal fancy hooking up or not. Now before I leave things there I read an interesting page on attraction. Humans like symmetry we also like healthy immune systems which is why uss ladies are more likely to go forr tall square jawed men. We are more likely to select tall symmetrical men when we are ovulating as scientists that did a recent study which entailed 20 or so men sleeping in the same t-shirt for two nights and asking 20 women to smell the scent on the t-shirt studies showed that the women who were in ovulating preferred the scent of the most symmetrical over all of the asymmetrical men and the women that were in other stages of their cycle had no preferance at all. Another studied showed that flirtation is most successfull among the most symmetrical. Mens body symmetry matches up with the number of lifetime sex partners they report having. They also engage in more infidelity and get to sex more quickly after meeting someone than asymmetrical men. They also loose their virginity earlier in life too so in other words us symmetrical lot are bunch of total sluts too busy spreading their symmetry around than to make long term partners.

Things i'm hating right now
The conversation I overheard on Friday
That the conversation that I overheard caused me to loose my rag and try to put my phone through a wall ashamed
That I havn't gotten lucky in like 3 weeks

Things i'm loving right now
The new sex toys we got in work...i'm upgrading on payday whoop!
That my besties bought me a delish coffee into work on satuday bestest ever!
That I bumped into mr handsome on saturday night christ I forget how adonis like he is!

Right then lovely ladies and gents i'm going to leave it there for now, hope you all have an awesome week
Stay kinky Kinky Cupcake XOXO

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Lets talk about sex

Hey lovely people how are you? A few weeks ago I had a conversation with a friend of mine about my blog, and it became apparent that my adventures can be percieved in a negative light e.g a slutty one. So my question is this: why is it that in this day and age, in the fabulously evolved 2011 that a man can throw his wang around town sowing his wild oats and being all Casanova and shit, yet when a woman behaves in the same way she is still classed as a Jezebel, a wanton hussy, a slut? Since the 50's our opinions on sex has changed its now no longer a dirty word. Its not just whispered about behind closed doors between a man and wife, nor is it done whilst fully clothed, under the covers with the light off, sex isn't taboo anymore. Everyone's talking about it and everyone's doing it, unabashed, stark naked with the lights on!
So if its socially acceptable to discuss it, to speak openly amongst our friends about it whilst wearing the ''its so good'' or ''i got some last night'' smiles. Why the hell is there still the double standards? One rule for men and another for women? We're equal in all other aspects of life. Why do people not apply the same attitude when it comes to our primal urges? Afterall regardless of how sophisticated we now are at the end of the day we're all just a bunch of animals. When my friend was busy chiming in that my promiscuous ways would be percieved to some as slutty my response was pretty much this ''i couldn't give a flying rats ass what people think about me'' I strongly belieeve in science, the bit of research i've done( see why i'd rather shag my arse of than date, i'm a tiger not a gibbon blog) on whether humans are meant to mate for life or not (for those that havn't read the aforementioned blog we're not meant too) my findings are something I strongly believe in, also according to scientists humans are one of the few species that has sex for pleasure, and on account of not wanting to settle down and procreate. I'm embracing having sex for pleasure. And if society wants to brand me a whore, then they can crack on because i'm having fun and enjoying it and i'm too busy shagging my arse off than to be pointing fingers at other people for the way they choose to live their lives. I embrace my sexuality and i'm making the most of it now whilst i'm young because when i'm old and sitting home alone at least i'll have some pretty awesome stuff to look back on.

Also its not like i'm going around spreading STDs because whilst I write about my sexy times I also practice and preach safe sex! Which leads me swiftly onto the next branch of the topic...Safe sex. A couple of guys i've hooked up with this year had issues with wearing condoms and openly admitted that they regularly go without using one I was so shocked. See my response to them is always this ''No condom on your dick, then no sex'' its quite simple. One guy in particular said that i'm the only girls he's used a condom with in like forever. This is the very same guy who (a) goes home with a different girl every weekend and (b) who is in his 30's therefore old enough to know better. I think its terrifying as well as total insanity to not use protection because not only is he putting himself at risk he's also putting others at risk too. STD'S are rife in the last decade there has been a substantial increase of in diagnoses of them here in the UK here's a few stats that will hopefully scare the poo out of those non condom users into using them next time you get lucky

The most common bacterial STD is Chlamydia a rather nasty disease that more often than not has no symptoms, and can lead to infertility if left untreated.
Then there's Gonorrhea, now according to the site I did my research on, there's concern about the increasing number of cases of it found here(UK) that are resistant to certain drugs that are used to treat it. Meaning theres a greater chance the treatment will fail and it can be passed on.
Genital warts are the most common viral STD, they're caused by some types of HPV (Human papillomavirus)
And of course the most terrifying one of all HIV. In 2010 there were 6,136 new diagnoses of HIV contributing to a cumulative total of 114,766 cases reported by the end of December 2010 a mere 7months ago there have been 26,791 diagnoses of AIDS in the UK, and 19,912 people diagnosed with HIV have died. Those numbers are staggering.
When I was young I was very stupid I shagged around didn't use a condom, was a total moron and every time I went to the clinc to get screened(thankfully I never caught anything) I felt like a twat for not using anything. I came to my senses around the ages of 18 and used one ever since bar the occasional hick up. I don't understand why so many people don't use them, its not like a chore to find a stockist, they do them everywhere, local sex shop, pharmacy even the local newsagent is likely to sell them.
Having sex is fun especially when its safe right.

Now gents i'm about to obliterate an urban myth here you know the one where ladie's don't masturbate, way way way back many moons ago when doctors proscribed a ladie an orgasm as a cure for hysteria those days are long gone. I personally think that buying your first vibrator is a womans right of passage. I'm pro wanking. And the reason i'm bringing this up is because this coming satuday i'm taking Miss Banana to get one as I sulked for a whole day that she bypassed a trip to a sex shop to get her first one in favour of online shopping. I am however responsible for spreading the gospel of sex toys and DIY orgasms the luscious Miss Long legs and bought her one for her birthday this year. I think the point i'm trying to make is this...DIY is awesome for finding out what rings your ding a ling in the bedroom plus its good fun.

Now for a brief bit of man goss. A couple of weeks ago I finished work early and hooked up with gorgeous honey who i'll call Super fine(those of you who remember my status update about where I scored with a guy that used to model for superdry) Super fine as I said is gorgeous literally of model preportions, blonde hair, warm blue eyes andd well built(on accounts of what he now does for a living) now since the whole King Tart thing (i honestly can't say his name without wanting to bitch slap him a bit) I thought i'd been spoiled in the respect of I had the best sex i've ever had with him how on earth was anyone going to top that. Well ladies and gents and the tender age of 21 Super fine did it reitterates my point that its experience that counts. Super fine is spectacular in bed and had enough stamina to keep up with me and not only did he make me come a few times(spectacular by the way) he was pretty adventurous too which naturally sits very well with me. That was a good night if we do bump into each other again i'm thinking a second hook up would be hot as hell. The thing I (and my two besties) liked alot about Super fine were his immpecable manners and his irish accent(soooo sexy) any way ladies and gents I think i'll call it quits here

Things i'm loving right now
My new job
My black mono converse(sooo comfortable)
How my best friends never fail to make me laugh hahah squench!

Things i'm not liking right now
That we havn't seen our Colombian bestie or Male bestie in too long a time we miss you Puta.
That King Tart still insists on parading his flavour of the nigh, outside my work on the weekend...trashy as hell and classless as fuck.

Hope you all have a good week you lovely lot
Stay lovely Kinky Cupcake XOXO

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

You can't steal my pride aswell as my horn

Why do I do this to myself? I'm going to be my normal brutally honest self here. It's 3:50am and like any other night for me i'm still awake, sitting in my bed with WTF buzzing round my head, intertwined with a solid web of frustration, minor annoyance, and with a sprinkling of self loathing. It will come as no suprise to any of you lovely not that the reason for my sitting here stewing in the aforementioned emotional juices is a man...when is it not. With every man orientated phone call I have with my sister she always says this ''i've never known anyone to have as much man drama as you'' That dear sister is because i'm cursed...ummm perhaps its the house of Naughtyness that is. I know in my last blog I said that I was taking time out from writing for a month or so to ''get right with myself'' but sod it. Writing is how I deaal its how I process and make sense of of my world, regardless of the size or context of the problem, its like tetris a bunch of odd shapes that once flipped around and ok sworn at a bit will fit perfectly and form one nice neat shape. Now there is a little chunk of goss about Duvet Stealer I know I sing his praises in the two previous blogs but trust me he's getting a less than glowing write up but i'll get to him in a minute.

I'm having a minor case of de'ja vous right now as i'm sure you lovely ladie's and gents will be too when you read this next sentence. When I wrote my last blogs I stated once again that King Tart would no longerbe appearing in my blog aka my life. I wish someone would tell my pussy that because its really starting to take the piss. I'm not ashamed to admit this but i'm blatantly lead by my vagina. So heres the skinny, I told King Tart that I was starting to like him granted I think that his spectacular cock capabilities hold the most weight and sway on the like part. I also said that i'd really like for him to leave me alone because I was getting rather attached to his cock, then proceeded to have a face like a slapped arse when he obliged, then instead of getting excited when other blokes text me I concentrated on trying to get super duper excited when they text. I know it sounds brutal but when you hear what Duvet Stealer did I doubt you'll be thinking ''awww poor thing''. So some what buoyed by my ''plenty more hot men in this city'' attitude Duvet stealer and I still texting, the filthiest kind of texts and being young(ish) and single pulled a cute guy who i'll call Hardcore (as in the metal sub genre) Hardcore is fit, nice eyes, stocky and a shaved head, with excellent taste in music. I'dd spoke briefly to him at the start of the night, then bumped into him when I was about to demolish a hot dog from my favourite vender...ironic no? Incidentally I havn't been able to eat a hot dog or a banana or any other remotely phalic looking food in public without feeling a bit naughty and smiling at the furtive glances from men. So Hardcore and I get chatting away and we take the conversation and the flirting back to mine. All is going well, we're kissing and its hot
Then my phone goes off, natch I ignore it and don't check it until Hardcore heads off to the loo. Well look who it is I thought. King Tart had messaged me on fbook chat I am stupid and leave me app running since that night i've always made sure I turn it off if I have company. This is where i'm going to sound like a right wanker. Sohot guy in the bathroom, message from King Tart and what do I do? Thats right I text king tart asking him why he wasn't in my bed. Although I did point pout that he's interupted something. And *poof* just like that my horn for Hardcore vanished well I wasn't going to sleep with him whilst I had King Tart on the brain god damn my stupidity at neglegting to turn off my fbook. So instead of doing the despicable thing and sleeping with someone with another man on my mind I did the decent thing and a made an honest excuse of being nackered from work(which is always true on a friday and saturday night)
And went to sleep.

I'm going to keep the Duvet Stealer stuff short and bitter, because even when you decide to give the nice guy a shot they turn out to be human sized toads or ''Love rats'' but I didn't know that bit at this point. I'd called it quits initially as he wanted more than I could give. But was pleasantly suprised when he swung by to say hi on saturday night, our chemistry kind of gets lost when we text I just think that my personality gets lost via text. Our chemistry is brilliant in person so he came back to mine we laugh alot and I whoop his ass at Iron man. After play fighting and stuff we fuck. By this point i'm thinking ok why not give the nice guy a whirl! My friends all became ''Team'' Duvet stealer especially the morning after when I announced that he and I had a date later that afternoon and yes you lovely lot read that right. It'd been awhile since i'd be out on a date so I made myself look pretty and when 2 o'clock came I was quite looking forward to it, except 2pm became 3 and he still hadn't shown up. Turns out he'd fallen asleep. For the following week we texted, flirted, and filthy promises we're made, namely involving me wearing my PVC corset(tis so pretty) we arranged for him to meet me after work, I was looking forward to seeing him and from the messages we'd been sending I had the total rand. So from that last sentence it would be easy to presume that I was in for a hell of horny after work date right? Wrong! He shows up drunk(so much for not being a drinker hey) i'm going to skip alot of the details of that night for two reasons the first being that I feel like a monumental tool, and the second is that the happenings that unfolded a few days later are far more a sorry tale.
Basically Duvet Stealer was an obnoxious prick, his reasonings for his dick head like behaviour were wishy washy to say the least and basically a bunch of lies including the bit where he said his ex fiancee had been texting him trying to get back with him and how he'd never get back with her in this life time thats the very same ex fiancee that he said had cheated on him whilst he was out serving. There is 0 truth in what he said. Turns out Duvet Stealer is a compulsive liar annd a compulsive cheater. I wanted buggar all to do with him after the weekend, I did however find out that he'd been stiring shit about one of my friends again non of what he'd been going around telling everyone about her was true. Fuck me around fine I couldn't give a shit, but fuck my friends around and the people I love, then prepare yourself for the biggest bollocking of your life. Down came the red mist, I posted a comment defending my friends honour and ripping him a new arsehole. Then I got a message from his Ex, after she'd seen my post ripping him a new one for spreading rumours about my friend. Now come on Duvet stealer, if you've been trying to get back with your ex surely the smart thing to do would be to delete the other woman e.g me. I feel so bad for that lady because fair enough he may have fucked me around being all ''toad in prince's clothing'' but he'd royally fucked her over. I just hope that her experience with him hasn't jaded her eyes when it comes to men, hun there are so many amazing guys out there that are more likey to walk over hot coals for you than cheat on you. See guys when two women get messed about by the same guy and they find out then chances are they are likey to stick together and turn on the bloke as oppossed to turning on themselves
After the whole duvet stealer incident, I deleted him. I also deleted king tart from fbook and fetlife because when i'd messaged him on chat it went unanswered and I was sick of logging in to my Fet account to see he's liked a pic of some other chicks pussy. So i did the sensible thing...I removed him
Mainly to avoid the temptation to message him and you know the saying out of site of mind, there was no spite behind it. I inadvertently deleted wboy by mistake i'd wondered why he'd just vanished. Whoops soz dude.

Despite my not sticking to my I need a man break rule as said in my last post. I have been concentrating
On getting ''right with myself'' and I figured the best way to do this would be to try something new something that was non-guy related and something that would make me feel good. So I booked into a pole dance class. And ladies for those that have not tried it I highly reccomend you do. Its a brilliant work out and no where near as boring as going to the gym. Not going to liemy arms were aching a bit the next day and I was nursing a brusied knee from where I hit the pole wrong doing fireman. After that one class I decided to buy a pole. I've only had two classes now but enjoy it loads I like the buzz from the endorphins afterwards. When the pole arrived and after having a nosey through the instruction manual and reading that I needed a stud finder to find the location of the ceiling
Joists, I asked around on fbook and a friend(seriously dude best reaction) when I asked him if he had one I could borrow aside from asking ''a what?'' When I told him he said knowing you I thought it was something dirty pmsl so I asked him if he reckoned that King tart would have one. He thought he would so I sent him a text unsuree whether or not he'd realised i'd deleted him. Personally I didn't think he would've noticed. Even if he did he didn't mention it in his text. He called me a bitch and instantly I started getting juicy. Fuck me my vag just dosn't seem to realise that whilst king Tart is ooooh so good for me in that way he's oh so bad for me in other ways. I did get my pole set up in the end but its faulty so i'm having to send it back and once I get a refund i'll be getting an X-pole. I've also been proactive on the hunt for a secondary job which i'm super duper happy to announce that mid writing this I got a phone call saying i'd got the job:-) happy happy happy Cupcake.

For a whole week i'd been sensible Cupcake. No guys etc. So how did I get from sensible to stupid lame dented pride girl...the same way it always happens I bumped into King Tart. I swear that man gets within a foot of me and my pussy throws a fricking party as in ''whoo hoo King tarts here orgasms here we come'' and my common sense and will power goes flying out the window. The chick i'd seen him sloping off down to the pub with earlier slinked past. Sometimes I hate that I am so observant but I need to be for my job. My stomach got all knotted up and my pulse starts racing, my instinct is to touch, but I hesistated due to a weird feeling of guilt for the fbook thing and perhaps due to a remainding shred of pride and common sense, so I resist the temptation to adhere to my baser urges the ones that always get me in to trouble, he reaches for my fingers and holds them and like an idiot I let him and revel sensation, the rush as my pulse soars and nigara falls sets up in my undies.When you see someone or something you like your pupils dialate...mine must have been the size of two full moons. The conversation is a little hazy, he breaks away at one point to talk to a mutual friend, then his fingers find mine again. Again the convo is a little hazy iI just remember looking at his lips alot . might have alot to do with the fact he looked like he wanted to lick me. We were stood so insanely close together thin fact a fraction closer would've been kissing distance iI could feel myself moving in closer too blissfully unaware that iI was stood outside work and had he kissed me i'd've got severely bollocked for it. One part of the convo iI do remember is that he wasn't too happy about the whole facebook fetlife delete thing. Naturally he didn't give a reason for it on account of his being incable of being honest with me. Admittedly he only ever brings stuff up when he's drunk. And iI told him straight why i'd done it. For fuck sake iI have such a blatant girl boner for him and its really annoying because all he is a clit tease that winds me up. Before he left we chatted about my pole and iI asked him if he fancied coming round to mine after iI finished work iI got his usual slightly coy response of maybe.So you lot will probably be as unsurprised as iI am by this but he didn't make it to my bed on saturday night. The thing that pisses me off the most is this...if you don't want to hook up with me instead of being a dick by flirting with me, then going home with someone else just be a grown up and say that you're not interested anymore. And the other thing that pisses me off is this what right does he have to be pissed off over the facebook thing when he pulls shit like on satuday night. Despite the fact iI look like a fragile delicate flower iI think suffice to say iI won't shatter if you reject me in fact i'm more likely to still have an ounce of respect for you for being honest. Needless to say I still don't know why he was bugged by the fbook think but iI have an inkling its more to do with his ego as oppossed to who actually deleted him. It irritates me to no end that instead of actually bothering to respond he just ignores me like iI don't exist thats why my friends and iI have changed our opinion from ''oh my god he's the male version of you/me'' because there is no iI would be that cuel,r that bad mannered or that big of an arsehole. I do however reiterate that he is by far a bigger twat than I am as I would never in million years treat someone the way he treated me on the weekend. I'm honest if i'm not interested I don't be all cutesy and flirty and lead them on. I say i'm not interested. I even sent him a friendship request on fbook because he'd seemed so bugged by it.

My friends all agree with me that I need a break from guys and I sure as shit need to stay the hell away from King Tart, and if you're reading this guess what you can't have me anymore I would rather go to bed with my rampant rabbit than play stupid games with you that end up with my pride dented. So put that in your ego and deflate it!

Things i'm loving right now
That i've got a new job
The new Criminal Damage Jeans I got...makes my ass loook gooood and they're brilliant for us shorter ladies
Lazy girls night in with the ladies
Skindreds new album Union Black...tasty awesome treats for ears everywhere
Pole class

Things i'm not liking right now
That alot of men including KTart and Duvet Steal are incabable of being honest saying ''i don't want you'' or imn Duvet stealers case ''i'm a compulsive liar'' is not hard
That my pole is faulty
That i'm constantly tired
And that i'm sure the house of naughtyness is cursed in the dating department.

Hope you lovely ladies and gents have a great week
Stay lovely Kinky Cupcake XOXOX